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Jesus asked Peter “Who do they say that I am?”  And now Father was asking me, “Describe yourself to me.  Who are you?”  It was almost the same question.

Instantly, I remembered the visions of my gown, my crown, my accessories, and gifts.   But I still think of myself as an individual. And apparently, I see that individual loved and accessorized by Father God.  But not deserving of the same answer Peter had given Jesus.  “You are the Christ.”

The word Christ generally means anointed one, or chosen one. And of course, we often think of it as meaning ‘Messiah’. So, of course, I couldn’t envision myself as the Messiah. But I also don’t see myself as Anointed or Chosen.

Even though Jesus lives within me, I still struggle with Identity. My gown and my crown and accessories are unique and surprising. I’m still wrapping my mind around that appearance.

And now He wants to know how I see myself fully?   Continue reading WHO DO THEY SAY THAT I AM?