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Father asked if I wanted to go higher into revelations of His Spirit.  When I answered ‘yes’, I immediately saw a glimpse of the result and felt such awe as though my heart lifted out of my body and floated into the sky.

Then He asked how I would share these experiences and of course I thought of writing.  It’s how I express myself.

He asked, ‘What if it’s higher than any words could ever describe?  Will you stop writing?’ Continue reading HEAVENLY HEIGHTS

Rippled Water




I turned to Jesus because my heart was breaking.  He came immediately and cupped my teary-eyed face in His hands and touched my cheeks with His lips.  Then He embraced me and nuzzled His face into my shoulder.  I could feel His breath against my neck, warm, comforting.

I breathed of Him deeply and asked, “Is there something wrong with me?  My heart is too fragile.”

He again held my face in His hands and looked into my eyes speaking in tongues which I didn’t understand. But it felt like He was instructing my spirit in a way that it would understand. Continue reading Rippled Water