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We are taught to “test the spirits” because “even the elect can be deceived” and the best “test” is a declaration of Lordship.   Therefore we ask the question “Is Jesus your Lord?” and if a spirit won’t make that claim, then it’s an evil spirit, straight-forward and simple.

But wait a minute.  Everyday I meet tons of people in a public place.  It’s my job and I’m not allowed to ask every person about their relationship with God.  So how can I test the spirit?

A few months ago, a Pastor asked me if Jesus was my Lord.  He did it because I’d said something unconventional and it disturbed him.  I knew he took the scripture literally and that he was convinced I would not be able to claim Jesus as my Lord.  Of course I did, but still he asked 2 more times.  So I smiled and continued claiming Jesus as the lover of my soul, my master, my savior, the Lord of the universe, and my beloved.  Honestly, I loved saying it out loud and I wasn’t offended that he required reassurance.

However, it was sad to see his wide eyes and his nervous stance as he expected something demonic to happen.  I felt even more compassion toward him, because I understood his fearful dilemma.

I felt the same way when I first asked to hear Father’s voice, and He began speaking.  I wondered if it was Him and it scared me to think I might be listening to an evil spirit.  But what “test” was there for God?  Would He claim Himself as His Lord?  That didn’t quite make sense to me and as hard as I contemplated, I couldn’t think of any kind of “test” that would work.

I mean, seriously, why wouldn’t the Father of Lies say “Jesus is my Lord”, when it’s the one thing we think he can’t lie about?  Surely he has read the scriptures, seen the secret “test” question, and knows what we’re expecting to hear.

A scammer will say whatever he thinks we want to hear in order to sell us something we don’t want.  So why can’t Satan lie about his Lordship?  A mere scammer shouldn’t be able to lie better than Satan can.

Then it struck me.  How foolish of us to think he plays by the rules.  He doesn’t.  So does that mean the scripture is wrong?  Of course not.  It’s more probable that we aren’t reading it right.

So I continued in my dilemma until Father told me that we have the same problem with anyone we meet.   How do we know a scammer is a scammer before he scams us?

It’s actually pretty simple.  We’re taking this scripture literally when it is talking spiritually.  My spirit sees other spirits, and it sees the Lordship of every spirit because nothing in the spirit realm is hidden.  It’s exposed and obvious, right out there in the open.

So my next question was how to become mentally aware of what my spirit sees?  That turned out to be pretty simple also, when Father pointed out that my spirit has always been doing this and I’ve been taking it for granted.

For instance, I use my spirit when I meet people. Sometimes I get a strange feeling inside.  Sometimes I can even name the attribute that makes me uncomfortable, like arrogance, manipulation, pretension, etc.  I’ve also met people who make me feel good, like I’ve known them a long time.

Another example of using my spirit is when I’m watching a movie that makes me feel strange, or icky, or something dark and hovering. I don’t like those movies and I try to shake off the stuff that gloms onto me from them.  Other times its a good movie that gives me good feelings I enjoy, and I hope they will stay with me a long time.

Sometimes we call these reactions “intuition”, like when we have a hunch that turns out to be spot-on.  Sometimes we call it “reading” the person.  Sometimes we base it on behavior or appearance, but quite often it simply comes to us in a way we can’t explain.

That’s my spirit doing what my spirit does, responding naturally to what it encounters in the spirit realm, and it isn’t complicated or spooky.

By telling us to test the spirits, the Apostle Paul was not talking about using a verbal test as a means of weighing and judging people.  People’s spirits aren’t the ones were testing because he also talks about loving each other, and that we are not warring against flesh and blood.  Paul never meant for us to verbally ask another person what Lord they follow.  It’s a spiritual question that can only be answered by seeing in the spirit.

People’s spirits and evil spirits are two different things.  People have spirits that are their true selves, and sometimes they are affected by evil spirits.   Sometimes the test question works, and the demons display themselves.  But sometimes, the question simply ticks off the person and they’re insulted.  I believe that Paul had a better idea.

He was admonishing us not to believe every word that comes out of every mouth as though we are naive about the existence of evil spirit’s.  Rather we should “test” the spirits via our own spirit, and simply see who is it’s Lord.

What you do with that information once you have it, is your own business.  But since Father gave me the revelation about how we have wrongly embraced the spirit of Rejection, I’m taking account of my responses more carefully.  Love is the only way to overcome evil.  Rejection simply moves it to another location only to return at a later time through another channel.

Love covers sin in order to beat evil at it’s game and snatch people from the fire.

We don’t overcome evil when we reject those being affected by it.  If we keep rejecting them, how will they be flooded with the love they need to set them free?  But that’s another topic and I discuss it more thoroughly in my e-book Rejection & Identity.

We have a spirit that is alive and well, and when we cultivate our awareness of it, we discover we are living by the spirit, and amazingly hearing God’s voice.

Of course Satan comes as an angel of light to deceive us.  He’s simply like a scammer and he’s going to make his suggestion sound like a great idea.  He does it all the time.  Our spirit is our test.  It will guide us into all truth because it is One with Father’s spirit.  Don’t forget you are a new creature, a hybrid.

We have nothing to fear.  How many times does Father tell us that?  It is the most frequent message He gives us.  “Do not fear.”

He is God.  There is no other like Him.  Satan cannot steal from Him.  Satan cannot take us away from Him.  Father said so.

All the admonitions in the Bible were there to help us grow in the Truth that Father is Love, and we are able to see evil for what it truly is – wimpy, foolish, and lying.

Father is All.  We can go anywhere and do anything and He will never leave us or forsake us.  Rather, He will go with us and lead us, and guide us into all Truth.

Yes, I talk to every person I meet, and I do it without fear of whatever spirit is crawling on them.  I often know what the spirits are about, and so do you.  I can see what evil is getting a free ride or what beauty is living inside, because my spirit is testing spirits constantly, almost instantly.

I’m learning to trust it, because Father lives there and He’s got my back.

I humbly offer my experiences and bless you in your journey.




P.S. This one might require a Part Two 

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  1. Great piece. It is similar to how people say, “Does it line up with the Word of God?” as the basis for if something is of God or not of God. And really they mean, “Does it line up with the Bible?” or more so, “Does it line up with my particular brand of theological interpretation of scripture?”

    The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. It is not the text. It is the spirit of God who wrote the text.

  2. I’ve struggled with confusion and as a result have been fearful to move forward in the spiritual realm. So, thank you for writing this.

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