The Comedy of My Learning

Lots of my friends are leaving Facebook and I’ve been reading their reasons.  One concern is about intellectual property rights and whether material we post on Facebook belongs to us or them. As a writer, that leaves enough question in the air to make me uncomfortable.  Yes, I write freely for everyone to read, but that shouldn’t make it someone else’s property.

So at least in the interest of rescuing my property, I began scrutinizing notes I’ve posted.  Wow, revelation time.  I began writing on Facebook in 2009 by posting notes of my little revelations and insights.  Only a couple people followed me for a very long time and as I read them it’s pretty obvious why.  After I hit fifty-something, apparently I thought I had acquired a ton of wisdom to share with a world that desperately needed to hear it.  (giggle)

Recently I’ve noticed I don’t write articles very often and it’s been needling me.  What’s going on?  Have I stopped getting revelations?  No, not at all.  Then what’s the problem?  No problem.  I haven’t felt that the world is ‘dying’ to hear my insights.

It’s a bit like religion was for me.  As I learned and spread my wings from the perceived confines of traditional church, I discovered that Father really does love everyone and He doesn’t need me to go ‘save’ them before they perish.  He’s very capable of doing that all by Himself.  This ‘saving’ mentality made my words skirt the edges of arrogance.  Even in my most self-effacing moments, it came out sounding like I came directly from a pulpit – oh, wait, except I didn’t have the credentials therefore my words were like a neighbor preaching from his back porch.  It only annoys the neighborhood.  They like you, but can’t wait till you shut up.  You might even say a few ‘cool’ things, but mostly it’s just annoying.


But isn’t that what we learned to do?  Isn’t that the mentality? HURRY – run out and save everyone because none of them know Jesus!  It’s just not true.  Jesus is out there everywhere.  Why couldn’t we see Him?

Well, anyway, He made it very clear that He didn’t need my help – except to do what HE ASKS.

I’ve noticed that many of my friends have gone through this same transition and therefore our posts have transitioned.  They are no longer ‘preachy’ but rather they are ‘living examples’.  Ahhh, yes.  We are ‘living’ our revelations.

And that’s MUCH more interesting – and helpful – and praise-worthy.  It perfectly points us to Father, which ironically was our goal before.


4 thoughts on “The Comedy of My Learning”

  1. Very interesting write. I have never thought of your posts as preaching or ever thought you were trying to be a preacher. In this world today it is so important for people to hear about God, his word and love. I feel it is what Father needs us all to do. To hear testamony is what keeps us going. It tells us God lives and gives us hope for the future. To many people are turning away from fear or lack of knowledge. I understand if Father is telling you what he wishes but I do not believe he would see you as you describe. Word is God….I pray the whole world know the Word.

    1. Thank you, so much Linda. My assessment of my posts were from several years ago. I had a different mindset then and it was obvious. But I say that with a smile. Father leads us all forward on a path of growth and I’m grateful. Paraphrasing Joyce Meyer “I may not be where I want to be but I’m not where I used to be.” Bless you, my dear.

  2. Oh yeah I’m guilty too…how embarrassing! It really is all about YOU, Lord, and what YOU’RE doing! But we have to learn to crawl before we walk, I know He’s smiling indulgently.

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