That was the label I heard from Father when I asked about his feelings on the subject of Halloween.  He said it with a wry grin and then my morning of learning began.

Within this period of learning how to administer the Earth as a Son (Daughter) of God,  I was struck this morning with the advent of Halloween and what my position should be.  I didn’t know.  Eek!

Father insinuated that it was an impending storm, but he did it with that knowing grin and asked me how I had learned to deal with storms.

So I dragged out everything I’ve learned about handling storms.

  • Consider them a created entity
  • Touch them with the love and respect a created entity deserves
  • Remind them of their original mandate
  • Void all curses spoken over them
  • Heal damage done to their Identity by those curses
  • Encourage them to return to their mandate quickly
  • Guide them on performing it with love and respect
  • Bless them for their journey, with love

With that list before me, I had a basic outline of how to react toward Halloween with the first step being to reconfigure my perspective about Halloween, just as I pumpkin-958251_640had done with storms.

It was time for me to consider that Halloween might not have been created to be evil.  That it does not belong to evil and I must stop handing it over for the use of evil.  If I am saying it is an evil holiday – then it will be one.  If I tell it that it’s full of death, ugliness and violence – then it will be so.

As with all things I am learning as a Son (Daughter) of God, I am learning that it all belongs to me.  I speak with my own mouth the results of what everything will become.  Therefore, I must change my perspective and stop giving evil credit for creating anything.  I must stop handing things over to evil as though I have given away my ownership.

It’s time to own what is mine.  Everything that was created is mine.  It’s mine to hold and cherish and guide into perfection.  This is how Heaven comes to Earth.

Enveloping holidays within the realm of things created, I can begin to see them (and everything) as an entity or a being of sorts.  True, their existence is lower than the animals but they still have a moment of creation to charge with their existence.  Otherwise they would not exist at all.

I had to learn to see storms as entities with purpose and destiny.  And I had to learn to speak to them as worthy of deserving love and respect, as all creation is worthy.

We, Sons (Daughters), have been guilty of treating much of creation horribly and cursing it constantly with rebukes, giving evil credit for its existence.  This cannot be true because evil never created anything. It only twisted what was already created. Our cursing made conditions worse on the Earth because we have the authority to tell everything how to behave. Everything created will become what we call it.

Therefore, in considering Halloween as an entity, I must consider its birth and original mandate of which I have little knowledge.  So rather than trust what I’ve been told in the past, I researched a bit.

Interestingly, the holiday was apparently born about 2000 years ago, the same time as Jesus!  Hmm, that must be significant.  The day marked the new year.  It was thought that the boundary between the living and the dead was blurred on that day, and the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.  Hmm, could it possibly be that rather than being born at Jesus’s birth, it may have been born at his resurrection when it is said many dead people came to life.  I’m sure that night caused a great ruckus in communities all around the world!  Imagine it!

Apparently the Celts and Druids put on animal costumes to scare away the ghosts because they thought the dead caused trouble and damaged crops. But they also thought they made it easier to tell the future.  So it became not only a time to wear a costume as protection, but also a day to tell fortunes – to prophesy protection during the coming winter.

Therefore, I would take from that history that the purpose of Halloween was protection against destruction both current and future.  And I especially like the advent of a night of prophesying protected futures. Woo Hoo!  Let’s do that!

The Celts and the Druids were not evil people as I was taught.  They were simple people growing and harvesting and living life the best they knew how.  Of course they had radicals as we do today.  But the fanatics did not represent the whole of that culture.  I must realize that many of us can trace our lineage directly to the Celts and Druids.  Many of us have done this and found it to be a people group of great creativity and amazing heritage.

What if I consider that our Heavenly Father was actually omniscient and capable to giving the Druids and Celts a bit of wisdom during their night of returned dead?  What if that wisdom involved prophesying protection into their lands, their crops, their finances and their futures?  And what if, by relegating this celebration to the realm of evil, I actually lose an important key of wisdom?  What if my Earth has suffered untold natural disasters needlessly?  What if my personal life has suffered without this key?

So in light of this knowledge, I will speak to Halloween before its arrival.  I may speak each day until it is here. From my seat next to Jesus, I will do the following.

  • Change my perspective to see Halloween as a created entity
  • Touch Halloween with the love and respect creation deserves
  • Remind it of its original mandate of protection
  • Void all curses spoken against it by unknowing Sons (Daughters)
  • Heal the damage done to its Identity by curses
  • Encourage it to return to the mandate of protection quickly
  • Guide it on how to perform that goal with love and respect
  • Bless it with love for the current day and the future

Instead of hiding in our houses, afraid of the night of ugly costumes with blood and gore, let’s bring on a righteous, original spin.  Let’s prophesy protection.  Let’s dress up and celebrate protection (that should get your creative juices flowing)! Let’s take it to the creative celebration it would have been if we had been Sons (Daughters) then!

My journey is offered humbly with love and encouragement as we pull down destructive ways and fill the Earth with Father’s Love for all His creation.  It is an amazing, all-encompassing Love.  It is strong and able to create, build, and change everything in its path – with perfection.  Isn’t this redemption?

Let’s do this Loving thing!





      1. Love your write thank you for doing so much research on this and sharing it with other believers wanted to share one thing that we do as believers on this holiday.
        we pass out mini packs of Lifesavers and attach a scripture card that says “Jesus is my lifesaver”with the scripture John 3:16 written on it
        just another way that we can bring light to this holiday!

  1. Who are you? I am pleasantly blown away by your article. I am genetically represented by the British Isles and I’ve known for 20+ years that Roman astronomers/historians recorded a black out (solar eclipse) the day of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus and that there were tens of thousands of believing Israelites buried in the British Isles on resurrection morning but I never, ever, connected the events in Jerusalem with Britain, the Land of the Covenant (Heb. BERITH-covenant) + (Heb. AIN- land). Thank you very much for this new heavenly perspective.

    1. I am only Father’s lover and friend. Sometimes I listen and hear His beautiful words. You are welcome. But the LOVE is your’s already, you know.

  2. Hi, I have just started my discovering journey into creation through the letters. Would love to be added to your mailing list. Am blown over by your to the point explanation.

  3. Love this! More thanks for what you are doing. Ditto to what the others said :). I’ve had holy spirit chills reading your articles. So much confirmation…we are not to live in any kind of fear, but are privileged to shape reality as kings and queens under The King of kings.

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