A few years ago, Father began introducing me to the limitations of our sight. It began with flashes into the heavenly realm.  And moved into full blown visions.

I discovered that I may have been seeing flashes all my life but had learned to shut them off, ignore them, and filter them out of my focus.  It’s a process similar to looking at a fly sitting on a window.  Our eyes will adjust to the fly and filter out the view outside the window.  It’s the same process with camera lenses.  We can blur the background so much that it almost completely disappears.

As we filter out input year after year, it becomes second nature.  We don’t realize we’re doing it anymore.  So, when our relationship with Father grows, and we want to see more of what He sees, we ask for that sight.  And then struggle to receive it.

However, apparently, it isn’t a receiving action we desire, but a re-training of a lifelong habit.

We learn that seeing into the spiritual realm requires taking thespirit restrictions off our imagination screen and accepting it’s used by Father.  And, I wonder if we ever actually restricted Him, or simply filtered out what we saw.

We’ve also learned that there is an endless lineup of possibilities in the spirit realm.  It isn’t restricted to the physical laws of planet Earth.  Gravity isn’t in charge there.  Neither are the laws of energy or matter.  Everything in that realm can and usually will surprise us.

But consider that we have Earthly examples of surprising possibilities.  We need only to research some of the creatures of our world.   For instance, the dragonfly.

Dragonflies not only have an almost 360-degree field of vision, but dragonflythey can see the world in colors we can’t even imagine.  11 dragonfly species have up to 30 different light-sensitive proteins called visual opsins.  We have 3 opsins which mean we see colors as a combination of red, green, or blue.  They see 10 times more color combinations.  Therefore, we can only imagine what they see.

The Earth truly witnesses the fathomless abilities of our Father.

And yet, we let our mind not only hesitate but actually filter out input it was created to receive naturally.  We don’t believe that what we see without eyes can be reality.  It never occurred to us that imagination can see a wider field of vision than eyes.

He is an amazing Creator and even more so when I realize that He made us in His image, to be creators like Him.

So in order to be creators, we must take the filters off and see the peripherals and every means of input.  It’s the same thing an artist does.  They even take extra measures to ensure they aren’t filtering what they see.  They know there is more.  And it is amazing stuff.

Thank you for joining me on my journey of discovery.  I send blessings to yours.




  1. I love your faithlivingnow posts. Like you, I am a wine lover! New Zealand Sauve is my go to.

  2. I absolutely love your articles, and so
    Desire to have this kind of relationship with Father! I feel like I know you and have experienced glimpses of the things you describe and share, thank you very much for putting into words your experience and journeys. I look forward to reading more, learning and growing! Sincere love Tina

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