Can we talk a minute about Jesus and the money-changers?  He didn’t whip, or chase away sinners, nor did He judge them very harshly.  But the money changers brought on a whole different response than we see any other place from our Lord.

Lets think about this.  We are the temple.  This verse depicts a physical example of our hearts.  The money changers in Jesus day bore the most severely righteous cause but without the power of God.  They helped people pay their heavy Law-laden tithes and offerings which were operational through guilt, fear and tradition.

What in modern-day bears the appearance of most severe righteousness but denies the power of God?  Something to do with Church?  (ok, not all of them).   Look around your church.  How many “causes” exist?  Most of them have groups spanning the globe in their severely righteous endeavors.  If you want to let the Truth set you free, dig deep and find the core in each one.  What is happening in there?  Shall we name some of these severely righteous causes?  For example: Israel, Homosexuality, Abortion.  Those are 3 of the biggest ones, but there are hundreds more.

Don’t beat me over the head for stating the truth.  Do your own research.  Better yet, spend a few years getting involved and move up the ladder within your chosen cause, but you have to reach the core.   You’ll find piles and piles of money and the glaring fact that it’s not about the cause at all.

I’m not afraid to invite someone to take that journey to the core because Jesus will go with you according to the sincerity of your heart for truth.  Revelation will come. Unfortunately, it may break your heart and cause a momentary crisis of faith.  But that’s not a bad thing.  Jesus will be there and when the rags of our filthy righteousness begin coming down, He will shine.

Don’t misunderstand me.  I know there are tens of thousands of sincere people inside these “causes” marching with all their hearts.  Some of them have seen things they push to the back of their minds and continue on because they still believe in the righteousness of the cause.  I encourage them to stop pushing it back.  Never fear Truth.  It sets us free to embrace the real thing.

Our whole world is fraught with modern-day money-changers.  A ton of them are wrapped around the medical industry, or the energy industry, the political industry and the financial industry; and I probably don’t have to explain them to you.  That truth is already out and most of us search for ways to lessen the prison they have built around us.

But the one Jesus addressed is the religious machine that LIVED INSIDE the temple.  All the others were OUTSIDE.  He whipped the one that was inside and made them leave.  We will do the same when we take a look at the machine behind the “Love Israel” campaign, the “Traditional Marriage” campaign, the “Pro-Life” campaign and all the others that line the concession area in the outer court of our church.  (You might wonder about the concessions, too, but no, I don’t think Jesus had a problem with buying a drink or some food to share together while fellowshipping. )

Look deeply at the money-making campaigns wrapped around your heart using scripture and horrifying videos.  What is it that grips you the hardest?  Is it the fear behind the scripture?  Or is it the guilt behind the video?  Maybe it’s the heavy draw of traditional values?  Hmmm.  Yeah, I understand.  I do.  I was on those bandwagons not long ago and allowing my eyes to open to the truth was truly frightening.  Fear of heresy, rebellion, and those other labels, loomed before my eyes.

It took awhile to crack open one eye for a peek.  I had to pray and beg God to love me still.  Once He had assured me that His Love would NEVER leave me, I began to gain courage.  Truth is there in plain view if you want to see it.  It isn’t hidden deeply.  It’s kept from our eyes by our fear to see it.

But this is all going to change because the Bride IS NOW coming down out of heaven.  She is opening her eyes.  She is gathering her courage.  She is being filled with Father’s Spirit in all its fullness.  She WILL arise and shine because the Glory of the Lord IS upon her.

That is when we truly see His Glory and His righteousness.  That is when we find revelation that shines unto that perfect day.  It is coming!  It is happening!

It’s coming IN US – WE are the new Jerusalem – WE are the Bride adorned for her husband  – WE are the temple of the living God.  We will chase the money-changers out of His temple – our hearts.


6 thoughts on “MONEY CHANGERS”

  1. again, BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so on it all the time…LOVE YOU FOR THAT!!!
    this is such a perfect description of what’s going on today. (you just confirmed for me what i’m discussing tonight at my meeting)…it’s about “TRUTH”, the real truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth!!! thank you for being so free to share…you always nail it!!!!!!
    thanks for the great post!! keep ’em coming!! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Selah, again, for your support and encouragement. You must know how this stuff brings the Pharisees out of the woodwork. Maybe that’s why the Bible talks so much about encouraging each other. Bless you my dear, dear sister. Bless you!!!!! ((hugs))

      1. lol…yes, they sure do come out of the woodwork!! lol…
        it’s my deepest pleasure to encourage you! you are consistently encouraging everyone, so the least we can do is keep your fire going 😉
        i honestly love your posts…even when i catch you on FB i always finding myself agreeing and cheering you on when i can…
        you’re a breath of fresh air! GBY! 🙂

  2. When the Spirit of God draws us higher into Himself, (He is our sanctuary), we are brought into a deeper place (as His Temple) where we see within that which founded on a work of the flesh.

    The Church as a Institution encourages us to give birth to our Ishmael because it is still of the Adamic Nature. Such a mentality is of the World. It as yet has not awakened to the truth, like Jesus we too much overcome the lusts if the flesh, lusts of the eye and pride of life before we can be sent out as as aspect of His Body/Bride.

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