This Side of Heaven

“We won’t know all the answers this side of heaven” is ‘the phrase’ I’ve received all my life in answer to many of my questions.  As a child, I concluded that no one had permission to ask questions.  Questions about life received short, pert sentences that inferred threat if this line of communication was pursued.  Questions about christianity were worse.  They received ‘the phrase’.

I reasoned that everything about christianity was secret and guarded by a God with a mean countenance, grouching out severe warnings about never asking again.

Today children question parents and receive an almost break-neck effort to supply answers, or at least tools to search.  Fear of questioning seems gone and thank God it is, because quite often my generation is still delivering ‘the phrase’.

When my parents passed into eternity, I began searching.  No one tombstone-891288__180was present to suffer fear, insult, anger, or offence so I unpacked the needle tool and began picking at the loose threads of questions.  Sometimes I proceeded in fear, but always with resolution that answers were available.

What I’ve discovered is a breathtaking journey of learning about my God and His creation.  My perception of His countenance changed from mean into smiling with bright, sparkly eyes of joy.  He promised to accompany me on my quests and that I should never fear searching.  He never held answers secret or unattainable.  He only kept them from those who don’t have the courage and passion to go anywhere with Him.

He is the ultimate lover, yearning for our pursuit.  He doesn’t require great drops of sweat labor but rather passionate desire – to know His unknown secrets – His forbidden truths – and to take the chance to find that He is in all things and will be discovered everywhere.

Honestly I must admit that I hate ‘the phrase’ and reject it’s self-righteous façade of holiness.  There is nothing between us and the love of our Father God.  Nothing, except our own fear.

6 thoughts on “This Side of Heaven”

  1. BRAVOOOOOOOOO!!! you go girl!!! i totally agree and believe there is NOTHING our Daddy won’t answer, if we have to courage to ask 😉
    i always love your spunk, you have a way of making others think outside the box (or they run far in the opposite direction in fear lol)…that nasty, religious spirit has held too many captive for too long….i, like you, are breaking off the chains and running right into the position right next to daddy!! i LOVE asking questions, it’s the only way to fly!
    keep going Faith!! you’re on an awesome ride and never quit!!
    i (selfishly) await all the answers you get (lol)!!!!!
    YOU ROCK!!!!

    1. Hahahaha! You crack me up, Selah! Awesome words! Yes, it is absolutely an awesome ride! And I can’t stop. No intentions of falling off this horse as He flies into the future!
      Love ya, Sis!

      1. 🙂 when you fly hi on that horse into the future, be sure to have big enough wings for peeps like me to jump on and fly along side you!! 😉 …don’t want to miss the fun !!!
        loving the ride so far!

        1. Coincidentally (and I don’t believe in coincidence {wink}) I had a vision a couple years ago that I was riding a horse bareback as it flew through the air, it’s hooves never touching the ground. The vision went on and on and on until I asked Father how long this was going to go on. He said “for a very long time, and if it ever needs to change, I’ll let you know.” The horse was made of blood and I was covered with it from head to toe. Hugging his neck was a bit tricky as I slipped around for awhile until I got used to the rhythm and got a good hold. 😀

          Loved that vision! The allegory is so obvious. Yeay!!! Come on, Selah, lets ride!

    1. LOVE your vision!! wowowow!!! yeah, i think i’ll ride with ya!! can’t imagine all of us “crazies” riding with Daddy!! look our devil, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooohooooo!!!!
      i guess our crowns are our cowgirl hats!!!!!!!!!! lololol….keep ’em coming girl, i’m flying just reading your posts 😉

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