October 2012
While listening to an online ministry and worshipping along, I was drawn upward and began traveling away from the sound which faded into the background.

As I went, my body grew taller, stretching.  I glanced down and saw sand pouring from my belly onto my feet creating a base pedestal, heavy and firmly planted on earth.  Meanwhile, I continued stretching upward until my head left the atmosphere.  Suddenly, a bit frightened, I yelled “Jesus!” and immediately He was in front of me.

I continued stretching until I disengaged from the sand pedestal and left the earth.  In the vastness of space around me, I saw diamonds the size of golf balls, hanging from branches I assumed belonged to a tree larger than my span of vision. I reached out to touch one and it gave way and fell into my hand.  I turned to Jesus nervously as though I might have done something wrong.  He smiled and motioned for me to take more.

I picked one after another for several minutes until I wondered where I was putting them.  Glancing down, I watched my hands stuffing the diamonds inside my belly and my chest.  As I did this, my hands would disappear into my belly and deposit diamond after diamond.  I wondered how long I could keep doing this and then noticed my skin was changing.

It was translucent all the way up my arms so I could see diamonds inside my body.  I was full of them, so I stopped picking.  My chest, my arms, and my hair were full.  Diamonds dripped out of the ends of my fingers like water droplets and dropped off the ends of my hair like rain and off the trail of my gown like pebbles.

I laughed and swung my arm through space watching diamonds fly off my fingertips out into the black void.   Jesus tossed back His head and laughed with amusement.  Then suddenly He floated off toward the galaxies.  I hesitated, wondering what to do by myself, alone in the universe, then I took off after Him.   He slowed down up ahead and turned toward me.  He grasped my hand and smoothly began waltzing me through the stars.  La, da, da, da.  I thought my heart would expand and explode with the exhilaration and joy of it.

We danced and danced such a singular moment of moments alone with my Love through the eternities.

Then He twirled and released me spinning out into the darkness.  dancing in the universe 2When I slowed from twirling, I flew back toward Him, but at His gesture, I glanced behind me to the spot where I’d twirled.  There, a brand new, baby galaxy, all pink and orange, had been created from the diamonds flying from the hem of my gown.  I turned to Jesus and once again He tossed His head back, laughing in joy.  Our adventure was thrilling and full of loving passion.

Pulling me to Himself with the most captivating look of love, He waltzed me again, very slowly this time, holding me tightly, staring into my eyes, and my heart was overfilled with Him.  I laid my cheek against His and closed my eyes as we swayed.

Music vibrated softly from every planet and star as we floated in each other’s arms for millions of eons, and then slowly He pulled back and instantly I began slipping back to earth, feet first, pulled by the pedestal.  Filled with overwhelming reluctance to go, I grasped at diamonds and fabric of space, pulling as I plummeted downward to earth.  My grasping created a vortex much like a tornado, full of swirling diamonds, causing a hole into space.  I knew that because of the hole,  it would always be open and the diamonds would never stop pouring out.

But wondering what I would do with them, it occurred to me that simply flinging my arms around occasionally would spread diamonds into people and places.

It would be my brand of bringing heaven to earth as each diamond would create, grow, and produce.


  1. Oh my goodness! So love this and the image. I had a similar vision of Jesus giving me this large heart shaped Ruby and placing it in my belly. Wow I love how he danced with you so sweetly and how the diamonds come from you.

    1. Of somewhat interesting note, is that I cut and pasted and enhanced the image back when I had the vision. I was trying to put in some of the details I’d seen even though my handiwork was amateurish. I still like it because it reminds me. btw have you googled the meaning of a Ruby? They’ve always been associated with faithful, passionate love. Being a gift from Him, makes it the ultimate gift. 🙂 Blessings, Sister.

  2. I love that trip you had and because you shared it with us, we will be able to go there too. Thank you so much for sharing.

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