Thank you for coming.  I don’t know how you got here or stumbled across this collection, but I’m glad you did.  I welcome you.

This is a non-combative area.  I welcome ideas, but not debates and arguments.  Nothing is resolved in our hearts from those habits.  Father is a freely loving Being who encourages us to be free, to explore, and especially to investigate.  And if we ask Him for help to know truth, He will answer and bring it forward.

Much of my life was spent in the search for why we weren’t experiencing the “doing greater things than these” that Jesus said we’d do.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting answers to that question inside the traditional religious world.

So, I went to Father and told Him that I wanted whatever Jesus meant.

And the journey began.  Secrets began unfolding and miracles began abounding.

It’s an exciting way to live and I encourage anyone with the bravery to embark on this path.  GO!  He will meet you there and supply all you ask, and more.

It’s an amazing journey into The Kingdom.  I’m still learning and will be for eternity.  But what I find, I promised Him that I would share.

So this blog is about The Kingdom of God – seeing it, experiencing it, accessing the keys to it, and then activating it in our own world realms I call our kingdoms.

This is learning to Live FROM The Kingdom.

And that is what I do here.  Share that.

Blessings on your journey!





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FAITH LIVING NOW is a collection of articles about God, Father, Daddy, Papa written by Faith Living.




Searching for ‘Faith’ is like the lyric, “here we are in a room full of strangers, dancing in the dark where your eyes could not see me” * – it’s a strange and confusing path sometimes.  Usually the word describes a religious doctrine, and there are literally billions of those, all different.

This magazine is about sharing ‘Faith’ as a condition of the heart.  It’s Faith that is alive and Living in the moment that is Now.  It has become more than a  set of standards but has moved into a breathing, functioning entity; one that we are aware exists within us nearly every second.  Once it was born, there was no going back to a time before.  It doesn’t seem feasible; possibly not an option.

Faith now lives and breathes as we live and breathe.  We can’t turn it off and we don’t struggle to locate it because it’s now bigger than we were before it was born.  It’s a bit daunting when this reality breaks into the conscious mind and we stand speechless wondering what happens now.  Will this make me so weird that my family and friends won’t want to associate with me?  Will I never be capable of communication aside from Faith?

In spite of the era of”What do I do with this?”, Faith tends to settle in and make itself at home like a favorite old uncle with his feet up beside the fireplace smoking his pipe.  It becomes part of the scenery.  Granted, it’s a very big part and tends to color the whole painting, but it’s a soft color, like a watercolor wash more than a complete obliteration of the original.  We also come to realize it’s a very pretty color.  It enhances the picture like digital did to movies.

Have no fear, Faith is a comfortable, welcome fellow we can embrace and appreciate.  He seems to scare away the blues and we never liked their intrusion anyway.

* from ‘Nights on Broadway’ by the Bee Gees



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