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Most of our friends know our stance on tithe.  We are the temple.  And they ask what we do with it now.   So, I wrote this article to explain a bit.

Last week a couple regular income checks went into our checking account.  The next day my automatic transfer took 10% and put it into our savings account.

I love modern technology that lets me set things up to work automatically.  Then like magic, it goes where I want it to go.

But the financial strategy behind our automation is an eclectic mix of pieces from several sources.  The Old Testament, a financial advisor, and a little book called “The Richest Man in Babylon“.

The Old Testament actually said the Israelites could use the tithe while they were on their journey to Jerusalem.  And the verse says it can be used for either a need OR a want.  So, we use that same principle.

It also says they should enjoy it for a feast.  So, we believe there should be enjoyment involved.

The advisor showed us a simple plan for getting completely out of debt in 10 years and we incorporated that to pay off our credit cards and vehicles.  But we were never quite diligent enough to pay off the house. Yet.

Ahh, well, there is also no condemnation in our plan.

The little book is a simple old book written like a parable.  It makes the concept of prospering easy to envision happening in our own life.  I recommend it highly to anyone who wants to change their financial lifestyle.  It’s simple to grasp, unlike many financial plans.

But very soon after we incorporated our eclectic mixture, something amazing began happening.

I don’t know if it is something about the number 10 with regards to money (10%, 10 years etc) that triggers blessings, but almost immediately a shift began.

We began putting 10% in savings but we’d use it if we needed it for something important like tires.  Or we’d save it for something we wanted that wasn’t just frivolous, like a new appliance.

Right away it was like that “Favor” we’d been waiting to see for years, actually began kicking in.

Things stopped breaking with so much regularity.  You know how it feels when you’re head-over-heels in debt and the washing machine breaks.  Or the car battery dies.  Or an unforeseen debt comes in the mail.

It feels like everything around you is working against you.  Like you’re a salmon swimming upstream and can’t make headway.

Suddenly, it switched and we were going with the flow.  Not only did things stop breaking but if they did, we had the money.  So we got better tires and better appliances.  We fixed things the right way so they’d last.  And after a couple years, we went on a vacation and paid cash for it.

Plus, unexpected windfalls are truly amazing!  Just as I was writing, one came in the mail.  It was only $27 but I get just as excited about the little ones as the big ones.  That’s  thankfulness.

I do a little dance and say something like, “The money just keeps rolling in!”  You know… encouragement for the financial blessings Angel to keep delivering.

Another thing I did back then was to set up spreadsheets.  Each spreadsheet calculated month to month forward until payoff, incorporating interest and monthly payments.  That way, however little I increased payment, it showed when payoff would come.  It’s fun to play with and see how something as little as $5 changes the scenery.

The financial advisor said most people never write down the balance.  So, they never face the tiger.

Granted, it takes a lot of courage to face a tiger and debts are just as scary.  Especially when you’re deep in the wilderness and can hear the tiger roaring.

But do it.  And don’t stop doing it because when those debts begin disappearing, that figure will make you break out a feast of celebration.  Even long before they are finished.

Anyway, back to the way we tithe.  I think you can see there is no fear of curses in our life anymore.  We have a responsibility to our financial welfare, but it doesn’t involve condemnation.  And it has actually metamorphosed into something enjoyable and rewarding.

I’ve tried to share enough detail to give you an idea, but not enough to create another religious ritual.  That would be the last thing I recommend.

We are treasured and beloved by our Father God.  His Love is freedom, not chains.  So, if you’re looking for financial freedom, ask Him to lead you toward yours.  It may be pieces from several places, as mine was.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.  I send blessing with you on yours.







2 thoughts on “WHAT WE DO WITH OUR TITHE”

  1. Very simple but powerful to understand. Tithing was always something of a condemnation to me and a bit of a mystery, really. So nice to finally understand now God’s heart about it.
    Thanks for taking the time to post this blog. 🙂

    Bless you.

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