Whose voice is speaking?  That’s the primary concern of believers wanting to hear God.  How can we know who is speaking?

When I began hearing Him, I asked Father God to prove Himself to me.  Not because I’m rebellious.  Nor am I a jerk.  But rather because it was His suggestion.  And as a result, over the course of several weeks, all doubt was erased from my mind.

He reminded me that we spend this same sort of time weighing and learning about any new friend.  We have conversations for days, weeks and months before we open ourselves up completely to someone new.  Friendships seldom have free reign in one day or one conversation.

That’s not to say, Father can’t do that.  He certainly can do anything.  But often the journey to hear His voice clearly and without doubt, is a rather long one.

After all, consider the plethora of voices in our mind.  There are our own thoughts, and there is probably a mixture of phrases and words floating through the ether from all sorts of beings.  I don’t believe we are aware of everything around us.  Especially since scientists have concluded that there are probably at least 13 dimensions.  Since we only operate in 3 of them, that leaves a whole lot of stuff happening around us that we don’t see or perceive.

However, our brain/spirit/soul or whatever it is that picks up these voices seems to operate like little radios picking up all sorts of frequencies.

I must admit that everything that floats through my mind does not seem to originate in my own thoughts.  Some of it seems weirdly random.

Then there are times when it is definitely a dark influence.  And on one of those occasions, I randomly heard the word “Dumbass” spoken very clearly.  Father explained that I’d picked up a hitchhiker from someone I worked with.  And I told that story in “Those Ugly Voices We Hear“.

There are also some who believe all these voices are inside us, good and bad.  They believe Heaven is a part of us, along with hell.  And that the journey is a personal evolution of discovery, awakening, ascending, and descending.

Either way, there are a lot of voices and finding the distinction certainly seems confusing.

Recently Father explained that both good and evil have been talking since the beginning.  However, people seldom distinguish between them and even the best believers get it wrong.

He explained that He appears rather schizophrenic throughout the Old Testament because the voices were both good and evil.  And no one knew the difference.

It’s easy to wonder if the Bible has two gods functioning.  A loving one and an angry one.  And no matter how many explanations I’ve heard for it,  none struck home like this.

Yes, He made sure that His voice can be heard in scripture, but only by those who truly come to know Him and why He’s different.

Father said we still hear a mixture and aren’t aware that it’s happening.  It’s why one moment a believer’s message sounds like Father and the next time it sounds more like their own mind.  Or it resembles the Old Testament, a bit psychotic.

With this deluge of voices around us, its no wonder there is so much confusion about hearing Him.   One believer says God told him this and the next believer says God told him the opposite.

It causes believers to pick and choose who they think is hearing from God and who is not.   And sometimes its a very cruel judgment toward an innocent believer.

I heard that KLOVE took a poll and the number one thing believers would like to understand better is how to hear God’s voice.

Ironically, I think it is also one of the biggest topics of Christian books.  So, with all that information to instruct us, why is there still a problem?

According to Father’s message, it’s simple.  There are many voices speaking and always have been.

So, how can we know?  After all, Jesus said His sheep know His voice and don’t listen to the voice of the stranger.

I asked Father and He reminded me how He proved His voice to me.  It took a few days or weeks, but it was Love and it was in every word, phrase, and instruction.  It was so pronounced over any other kind of Love I’ve ever known because it was all-encompassing.  That’s the best way I know to describe it.

It’s more than the voice or the words He says, it’s a quality of Love that’s ambient and saturates the atmosphere.  There’s not an iota of superficiality about it because it’s the most profoundly honest Love.

That is how I came to know it was Him.  That Love.  I got acquainted with its sound until I realized there was nothing like it.  Just like I got to know my best friend and can tell her voice with my back turned, I have come to know Him and the sound of His voice.  No other voice ever created can imitate that sound.

And if it’s not that sound, then it’s not Him.

I don’t know if all those instruction books about hearing God’s voice, mention this one crucial detail, but they should.  Otherwise, we’re listening to a million voices, both good and bad, the same as we always have.  And we’re spreading their messages which simply continue the psychotic blabbering that’s been going on since the beginning.

His sound of Love is our guarantee that it’s God Almighty, the Creator of the Universe, and our wonderful Father.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.  I send blessings with you on yours.






  1. I have been thinking on a similar subject of late. How people attribute all sorts of things to God and some of them are just not Him. He is so KIND! And people need to know that to understand. His kindness is such that it overwhelms me.

  2. Very simple and powerful. Thanks for sharing, it certainly answers my questions on why it’s so hard sometimes to tell the difference between God ‘s voice and others. Bless you.

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