heavenly transformation


So, you’ve been pulled on a heavenly journey!  And now you wonder if it was real.  But you know you couldn’t have made this up because it was spontaneous.  It was something your imagination never created before.  But what was it?

The awe and the wonder linger predominantly in your heart and mind for hours, possibly days, and even weeks.  You can’t forget the furry feel of grass that giggles under your toes.   Or the feel of wearing a living gown that hugs and caresses your body with love.

You’re chomping at the bit to tell someone, but who will believe it was anything more than a fantastical fairytale dream?

It was so much more.  More rapturous and more beautiful than words can ever describe!  Like nothing ever conceived or dreamt!

But during a quiet moment you wonder, “isn’t this crazy?”  Have I “slipped a cog”?  Or have I gone a wee-bit “over-the-edge”?

How can that be?  You were perfectly sane yesterday, just before it happened.  Something transpired that made the spirit realm swoop into your reality, and into your mind.  And it swept you upward into the grandeur.

But beware.  There are those who will listen and criticize.  They won’t understand how your toes wiggled in the green.  Or how your skin was caressed by living material.  And they will call it ugly things like “spiritual rape” or say you’ve stepped into something evil and it’s deceiving you.  Plus, they may say it serves no purpose except to give your flesh a thrill.  And that it is therefore carnal.

But they are wrong.  Evil cannot transmit and share life.  Rather it destroys and kills with its downward spiral of death.  It cannot reproduce love with its fake mirror that looks like dramatic sentimentality or patronizing sympathy with a manipulating motive.  Evil never produces love that fills our hearts and minds with so much joy and peace that ecstasy ensues.

But you must choose the author and from which realm it came.  Was it Hell where there are weeping and gnashing of teeth?  Or was it from Heaven?  A pearl of great price that you will cherish and guard.  A treasure you can’t cast before swine, as Jesus called those who tear it and stomp it into the mud.

And the best news of all is that it definitely does have a most profound purpose.

Suddenly, in the twinkling of the eye, we become portals.  Conduits between Heaven and Earth.  Living doorways that bring Heaven here and us there.

And we open that realm for others as we share the Glory of it.   Sparks explode in them as they listen, and then afterward lift into journeys of their own.

Jesus said,  “I am the Way.  I am the Door.  Follow Me.” (my paraphrase)

What good are these adventures?

Yesterday you were an adolescent, not mature enough to fly.

Today you begin to take your throne.