Big promises and empty smiles from other people, sometimes from brothers or sisters.  What the heck!  Was that a lie?

There you are, trying to have faith and believe that Father is bringing something wonderful your way through amazing developments, but then someone didn’t follow through, or they didn’t deliver.  They went forward on their journey and forgot you were standing with your hands in your pockets, and tears in your eyes, and wonder. You shook your head, and wondered why Father let this happen.  Now you’re fighting the battle of “nothingness” identity.

After the incredulity and forgiveness are worked through – even after things are said, like, “they’re still human” – we wonder.  We stare at the clouds moving slowly in the sky, and we wonder.  We know Father will heal our heart.  He will restore our trust.  He will care for us.  But, still we wonder.

Well, stop wondering – stop searching for answers in the clouds. “Flip this” is what a friend of mine says.  Find out what it was that Father used for your benefit.  It might be obvious.  It might be a better, a more complete healing, a brighter future than you had dreamed before.

But you might not see those for a few years and then you’ll see them in hindsight so much larger than you can see them now.

Down the road more things will happen that you will  not immediately connect to this situation, but they will arrive because of this shift in you, and they will be a more perfect piece of your more perfect path.

Father is not a liar.  He promised.  He made lots of promises to you, and He’ll never be able to go back on His word.  It’s impossible for Him to do that.  So be confident it will come, and you will see it.

In the meantime, “Flip it” by seeing yourself inwardly.  Your benefit might not be that obvious, but it might be just as weighty in importance.  A good question to ask is, “How did you just level-up”?  Or, “what is different about your spirit now”?  Look deeply inside, because that is where this kind of real reward shows up.

Trust me, Father used this to cause a new development in you.  It’s an important one.  And here’s what that might look like.


You aren’t falling apart this time like you did last time.   The enemy would say you are getting cynical and hard-hearted, but lets ignore him for a minute.  Why are you really not falling apart?

Oh wow, there it is deep down inside your spirit.  Your reward is right there!  You’re not only OK, but you’re still walking forward.  You’re still going toward that mark – the one HE showed you.  It’s still there!  It’s still real!  You know it’s yours!

You have a new piece! You really have “leveled-up” and you don’t have the time, or the need to stand and lick your wounds anymore.  Well heck, you aren’t even really bleeding!  You just thought you were, just for a minute.

You’re already planning the next word in your story, or the next brush stroke on the canvas, or the next piece in the creation on your table.  And the excitement is still bubbling … just under your surface.

You can smile and revel in the sunrise.  This “lie” wasn’t even a real “lie”.  It was actually only a gnat buzzing around your nose.  Breathe deep and smell the fresh air in this new place on the journey upward!

I have no idea why they did it and you know there’s a million reasons.  The point is that none of it matters.  Why they didn’t follow through, why they forgot about you, or why you were left with your hands in your pockets, has no bearing on where you are, or where you’re going, or who you are as you stand there in all your royal robes and crown.  (That’s a very beautiful silk pocket where your hand is resting!)

The truth is that no one is the reason you are walking this path.  They aren’t the source of your success.  They aren’t your promoter or supporter.  They aren’t the reason you will arrive.

HE is!

Look up and rejoice!  Your Redeemer draws nigh, and He has abundance in His wings!  He has filled you with radiance!  Take your next step!  Rise up and shine!

Blessings, Family!