In several ways lately, Father has highlighted the peculiar struggle that only women encounter in their lives on Earth.  One way or another, men take authority over us and we don’t always give that authority freely but rather it is forced upon us.  Either religiously, through the misuse of scripture, or physically through overpowering.

Women’s hearts are made to nurture others, not defend ourselves.  So, when it happens, we suffer first from the knowledge that defense is necessary and secondly from being forced to acquire a trait that is against our nature.

I asked Father what He was trying to show me, and He replied, “Can you see the difference in The Kingdom?”

Then I looked from My Seat over my kingdom and saw that there was no difference in male or female. The Kingdom is spiritual.  Yet it is where we sit while we rule and reign on Earth.

Therefore the Sons of God are neither male or female.  And their authority doesn’t pertain to their physical attributes on Earth.

When I look out over my kingdom, I don’t see the Earthly distinctions between men or women, race,  sexual preference, or any other prejudice.  The equality is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, not even in a church.  Each person walks in their gifts and talents in The Kingdom.  They stand before Father inside that Identity and no other identity appears.

But on Earth, the prejudices are plentiful and deeply affect us until we learn to see from The Kingdom perspective.  Then we learn to apply that view from our Seat onto the Earth.  That’s when we understand how to have dominion over Earthly systems.  And begin to watch them morph and change before our eyes.

We see that those systems don’t hold the power we thought they did.  Natural physics and the “order” of mankind is simply very convincing smoke and mirrors. They are only held together by the very belief we have in them.  And when that belief changes and we are awakened to our true Identity, their iron-clad reality melts.

Truth is not a product of Earth.  And Earth has no power to create it.  Neither do we.  Truth is only a commodity of The Kingdom, of Father.  It springs from there and we bring it to Earth.

From My Seat, I declare the Truth I see in The Kingdom.  It then takes precedence and subdues the Earth.

This is why Earth was created for us to have dominion, much like a blank canvas where we can paint and create.   The artist has to “see” the picture before the first brush stroke begins.

This metamorphosis of Earth into The Kingdom is not done through money or government or the use of any Earthly system.  It is done from our heavenly Seat where we first see Perfection and then proclaim it into existence here.

So the painting on the canvas begins to form.  Just as Father created from the dark, swirling void in the beginning.

Therefore ladies, when you sit on your Seat, you may see a manifestation of your Identity as female, but you have no head of household except Jesus.  And He is living within you.  You and He are One living being.  You are not two separate entities.  And there is no ruler over you but Father.

Your Earthly husband is not between you and Jesus.  He is not ruling over you in any way.  There is no Pastor or Prophet in charge of you.  There is no other authority but the divine.

Only LOVE reigns and you are free to manifest all that you/Jesus are.  The freedom is matchless.  And it frightens those who’ve never seen it before.  That vast expanse of freedom is bigger than the universe.

Then we speak out loud about the reality of Truth we see and begin to create as we have seen Father do so too.

Declare here …. what we see there.

Sisters, don’t rail against the systems of Earth or the men ensconced in them.   It’s a barely effective battle that will sap all your strength and accomplish very little.  But learn as Jesus said, to follow Him.  See your heavenly Father and do what He does.  Just like Jesus said.

Our Seat is with Him in that heavenly place, where we belong, where every human being belongs.  Watch Him.  Learn how it’s done.  And then begin.

Changing the Earth doesn’t require retribution or vengeance.  Nor does it require rebuking offenders or teaching them how to behave.  And it doesn’t even require that anyone understand or even know what you are doing.   No one else sits on your throne next to Jesus.  Nor can they see into your kingdom.  Therefore no long speeches are necessary.  No reasoning debates are required.

Let each person find their own Seat.

I’ll use a metaphor to explain how my kingdom works.  It’s exactly the same concept as an artist with a blank canvas who sits down and knows that this is her canvas.  The painting she paints will be hers.  All the decisions made on it are free to her and no one else is in authority over those decisions.  Only her.  She is free to rule and reign this canvas.

Her kingdom is the same sort of thing.  She chooses what is near and dear to her heart.  Those things and those people then become an item on her canvas or in her kingdom as she claims them.

To paint someone onto my canvas does not require me to physically or even spiritually take over their existence.  My painting and my kingdom bear the piece of that person that lives in my heart.  That piece of them is mine and belongs to no one else.

Amazingly, when I put a person on my canvas, and claim them in that same way to belong to my kingdom, it is still only the part of them that lives in my heart.  And I can take the frown that may exist on their face on Earth, and change it to a smile on my canvas.  And if they have an addiction on Earth, I can erase it on my canvas.

My canvas can portray perfection in everyone and everything.  And that’s because I take a peek at how Father God paints His canvas.  That’s how He does it.  He paints only Perfection.

So, I follow His lead because it is the most effective.

What I paint on my canvas, and claim in my kingdom, is exactly the way my realm will exist.  It is the Truth of that existence.

But the most amazing piece of this work is that once I choose a person and paint their picture, the vibration of that creation actually flows toward them.  That vibration begins to cause a perfect vision to appear in their mind and in their heart.  And it opens that door causing them to begin to perceive their own perfection.

It’s as though the existence of Perfection in one place gives it the strength to demand life in the other.  Not because I claimed control but because I gave Perfection the freedom to exist on my canvas, in my kingdom.  And thereby it was born and grew in strength and in existence on Earth.

Father wouldn’t paint the imperfection we see on Earth.  If He did, that would give it more power for existing.  It would reinforce the status quo.  It would be like Father agreeing with imperfection that He did not create.

Therefore, I don’t paint the frown I see on my friend’s face on Earth.  I paint Perfection on her face.  And in that way, I gift her with the vibration of Perfection’s Truth coming from my kingdom into hers.

This is my journey.  Thank you for joining me.  I send blessings on yours.


2 thoughts on “WOMEN IN THE KINGDOM”

  1. Thanks, Faith. Nicely done.

    There is a phrase: what would Jesus do? Long before it became trite it was an easy rule of thumb for judging logs and splinters regarding relating to gender and authority. ‘Still works.

    I have been known to take pleasure in knowing that a lot of people with penises (and their wives) here on earth are gonna be surprised when they get to the other side. Too bad they don’t get “it” on this side.
    But that’s just the point. I have a choice to love those in captivity to their traditions or not. I have a choice to believe the best and endure the rest as 1 Cor 13 says. I have a choice to take offense and mess up my innards or walk in the freedom Father designed for me.
    I am so very grateful He has a plan and it includes my perfection.

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