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(an excerpt from the book)

Are there people who simply can’t see Father, can’t access their Identity, and can’t hear His voice?

I want to reply with a solid “no” and say that it’s not because they can’t … it’s because they can’t right now.

That might not sound very compassionate of me. I understand their struggle, I’ve been there, but I don’t accept the barrier because as I found, there is actually nothing there. It’s a mirage produced by misunderstanding because nothing can separate us from God. He said that.

Therefore, with time and desire, they will breach that mirage of misunderstanding.

As I sat staring at these sentences wondering how to explain this phenomenon, I shook my head and decided to go take a shower because logic … wasn’t working. So I said, “Father, tell me how this works” and I went to the shower.

My shower is like the Ephod of the Old Testament. As soon as I lather up my hair, clarity begins shining through, and words begin flowing through my mind. They are beautiful thoughts, and words that don’t come to me at my desk.

It’s a shame really, that I don’t have a room-size shower with a waterproof computer in it. Revelation would flow from there like a river.

Anyway, it happened again. Revelation blossomed and I anxiously dried, dressed and combed, so I could return to my keyboard, and tell you this.

When I was seven years old, I gave my heart to Jesus and He began giving me profound dreams. When I was about twelve years old I sought the gift of speaking in tongues at the church altar during every service. After months of seeking, my prayers turned to tears and sobbing. Thankfully, a kind preacher comforted me and said that he didn’t know why I wasn’t speaking, however he knew without a doubt in his mind, that the Holy Spirit had filled me.

Relieved by his words, although still puzzled, I went on with life carrying my incomplete package. Years later, when I was working for a large ministry, it happened.

We prayed a lot at that job. It was a good, healing and comforting place to be, especially since I was going through hell in my life at the time.

During one particular huddle of prayer, the lady leading the prayer said, “Now we’re going to pray, and as soon as we start I want everyone to speak in tongues. OK. Start.”

Immediately everyone began speaking in their tongues language, and I hesitated, worried that I was going to be found out for not knowing how. So as I stood in the group, holding their hands, I closed my eyes, and simply started babbling in a lame attempt to follow the lady’s instructions. No one could hear me, nor were they listening. Each one was focused on their own prayer.

Within seconds I was doing it! I was actually speaking in tongues. It was the oddest experience, as though the words were already in my imagination somehow, and I simply began giving my mouth permission to say them. As a child, I’d thought that God was going to take over my mouth and the words would come out without me doing anything. It was an incorrect understanding.

We tend to forget that He is already within us. He’s already here. We aren’t an island separated from Him. If there is something He wants to do, then He’s already doing it within us. We simply must agree and begin doing it with Him, because the truth is that we already are.

He and I are One, and He’s already doing it, therefore I’m doing it too. It’s already in my spirit happening, and I simply need to let what’s going on there, manifest here. It’s fairly simple to see when I look through my imagination.

Suddenly, I realized that all my tears had been unnecessary. I could have done this at any time through the years.

So now that I was speaking freely, it became the only way I wanted to pray for several months.

Then a couple years later, I heard myself doing it in my spirit as I was driving my car. My lips weren’t moving, but I could vaguely hear my spirit praying in tongues inside of me. That was another epiphany of pure delight.

But back to my point about people being able to access God. My revelation was inside this memory. Father hadn’t been holding me back or fumbling around with my ability to speak. My problem had been misunderstanding how He works, and a distrust of my imagination.

The words of tongues had been swirling around in my imagination as soon as I’d asked for the gift. But since I thought imagination was either from myself or the devil tricking me into something, I blew it off.

I had no idea that imagination was a blank communication canvas where pictures could be painted there by myself, or the devil, or God. The key to using imagination was to identify the artist.

We’ve even mystified the identification so much that we don’t trust ourselves. But it’s not hard. Love is God. Evil is the devil and my own stuff is either practical, or it’s selfish.

It’s honestly not hard. The heart knows. And it’s not trying to deceive us. Our heart is His heart. It’s already touching Him.

The struggle is accepting the messages He’s already sending. We take every thought or imagination captive, without realizing that particular scripture in II Cor. 10:5 was discussing rebellious imaginations which are also obvious if we simply identify them. They are the ones that we cast down. We know that author and don’t listen to him.

But not every thought is a rebellious one. Not every imagination is an evil one. Some of them are profound. Some are amazing revelations. And some accompany visions galloping across our imagination.

If we exile our imagination and then wonder why we can’t hear God’s voice or see His visions, well, it’s simply because we closed the door to the chalkboard.

For instance, if God called you to Africa and you saw a picture in your imagination of building an orphanage, would you assume the devil authored it? Probably not.

Then why shouldn’t we be more discerning about the everyday visions in our imaginations? How many of them might be marvelous revelations from Father God that we are ignoring? We have the mind of Christ.

Can the devil give you a marvelous revelation? Unfortunately, most of us would answer “yes” because we’re so paranoid that he is trying to trick us into making terrible mistakes leading to our downfall.

That’s suspicion. It trusts nothing and suspects the worst behind everything. And ironically, when we expect the worst, that is what we draw to ourselves.

We’ve all noticed that the most pessimistic people lead the most tormented lives.

Ironically, this viewpoint says that God is not omnipotent. He isn’t able to save us. We have to do it ourselves.

What a snarled, mess of a picture we painted of God. Thankfully, that vision has been dying quickly in the last few years.

The only thing stopping us from active communication and constant revelations from Father God, is our conscious picture of who we are, and who He is. Not only have we seen Him in an evil light, but we have seen ourselves separate from Him. It’s the biggest lie of all. We aren’t separated because He said nothing could separate us from Him.

So how do we change that picture? Re-draw it. Paint a new picture in your head. You and Father are one hybrid person all mixed together – inseparable and full of love. Imagination is like your intimate video phone where you both paint, talk, and communicate freely and constantly.

Now that we can communicate, we can begin to see what we look like.

(excerpt from Rejection & Identity Book Two)

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