An Exercise in Dismantling A Terrorist

Today we had an active shooter in the Colorado Springs area.  For 5 hours Police and First Responders worked the situation to defuse and disarm the threat.

I went to Father to learn how we can overcome these spiritual mountains, to gain access and take the territory away from our enemy.

I haven’t heard much information on this subject.  We focus on healing, raising the dead and learning how to bring The Kingdom to earth.  But one of the major threats to our world is the one of Terrorism, whether it comes from foreign or local sources.  And I feltchess-775346_960_720 the need to press in to Father for more information in this particular area.

First I began with prayer, asking Father if I had the authority to  work in this area.  Immediately he assured me that if my heart was engaged through compassion for the community and even for the perpetrator, then I indeed had authority to speak whatever the Spirit would lead me to speak.

Then pressing into the spiritual area of the perpetrator, himself, I began to receive understanding into his heart and what was guiding and motivating him.  At the time, it didn’t seem pressing to claim healing for him.  My primary goal was to stop the onslaught of violence that had begun inside his heart and lead him to carry it out upon others.  I bound the spiritual forces affecting him, from demons to emotional wounds to drugs.  I bound them with chains, immobilized them and locked them up.

News coverage at the scene didn’t show any changes as a result of my endeavors.  So I pressed into Father more deeply for answers.

Next, I was directed to see the outcome of the situation from Fathers heart and to declare it from my Seat next to Jesus.

So I asked Father to show me what he saw.  Immediately I saw a picture in my mind of the suspect in custody and the end of his violence.

With that vision in my mind,  I simply spoke and declared from atop my mountain, from my Seat next to Jesus, that the suspect was now in custody and no further harm would occur including harm to the suspect, himself.

With that finished, I was impressed to disengage from the battle and walk away, confident of the outcome.  And that is what I did.  I went to YouTube and watched a music video I enjoy and hadn’t seen in a long time.

Within 15 minutes I was informed that the suspect had been taken into custody and no further violence had occurred.

I humbly offer today’s experience and learning for your consideration.  I also ask Father for more revelation in this area, that we will understand succinctly how to overcome our enemy’s efforts to steal, kill and destroy.

We have strong weapons at our disposal to the pulling down of every stronghold.

7 thoughts on “An Exercise in Dismantling A Terrorist”

  1. What he said. And thank you for sharing the story so that we can learn from it and activate the authority that Father has given us. It would be easy to say “oh we don’t have that much power” but that would be false humility. I’m so glad you are sharing. You are confirming so much that I am learning. God bless you for your obedience.

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful example of prayer, for us to learn with!

    I am filled with joy and amazement, and gratefulness, as well.

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