MY SEAT, Learning To Live FROM The Kingdom, Part 1

My Seat is about Identity. It’s a place where we all come to learn about who we are in Christ and what we were created to accomplish in this life.
In My Seat, Faith Living shares her journey to Identity. The struggles with fear and resolution of heartbreaks. There she finds step by step healing, revelation, and guidance from Father God. Her story may seem unusual and may shift your paradigms, or it will touch your heart and open your mind to the miraculous. Either way, it will speak of the absolute omnipotent power of God to complete the work He began in us.

REJECTION & IDENTITY   (available FREE on this Blog, or buy it on Amazon and Kindle) Revelations about Rejection, why we’ve accepted it’s use, how it damages our Identity, and our resulting lost chaos. In our attempt to get rid of evil and cut it from our lives, we use Rejection. But it’s a spirit who lies. It won’t restore anything. It destroys identity and leaves us in chaos unable to make decisions. We’re lost. And we’re desperate for rightness.

REJECTION & IDENTITY – BOOK TWO  Rejection & Identity 2 (available on Amazon and Kindle) In this second edition of Faith Living’s adventure into our misunderstanding of Rejection, she highlights the overcoming lifestyle of Resistance, a stance that doesn’t simply push our enemy away from us so he can one day return to taunt us again, but completely removes his effectiveness in our world.  Overcoming evil is our purpose and our last battle. It shines through clearly in this revelation.

THE KINGDOM OF GOD AT ROSE ROCK   (Short Fiction  Available on Amazon and Kindle) Surprised by a huge man who says he’s an angel, Kent, and his 9-year-old son Brey, are invited into a community structured without rules that give them everything they need and want.  As the earth reels under dangerous political and religious structures, Rose Rock blooms in seclusion. A community of supernatural existence where every person hears and speaks to God as easily as they speak to each other. Sickness is healed by just their shadow, and the only agenda is heaven on earth.

GOD SPEAKS: PERSPECTIVES ON HEARING GOD’S VOICE  God Speaks book cover(on Amazon and Kindle) God is speaking to all of us. He communicates in many different ways.
In this anthology, 28 writers will show you the different ways in which God speaks. Whether you’re looking for help healing the sick, receiving prophetic revelation for others, or direction for yourself, the experiences you’ll read about will help you hear God in ways you never considered.
Contributing Authors:
Amy Axby, Jesse Birkey, Rob Coscia, Holly Cusato, Cheryl Fritz, Matt Hallock, Glen Hartline, Laurie Bruesehoff Hilgers, Toni Imsen, Christina Klover Inman, Marlon Katsigazi, J.D. King, Michael C. King, Hazel May Lebrun, Faith Living, Cyndi Millett, Anonymous Moth, Lori Orlando, Melody Paasch, Northwest Prophetic, Charis Psallo, Cherieann Radiant, Katie Regan, Seneca Schurbon, Tanya Vezza, Ginny Wilcox, Kevin E. Winters and Praying Medic.
About the Authors:
No matter what your theological background, you’ll find in this book a message that was written just for you.


THE CASTLE  (Fiction – short. Available FREE on this Blog.) Four chapters of Anna’s quest to reach a castle in the distance and the paradise she finds when she arrives.