The Kingdom of God at Rose Rock (book)



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Imagine heaven is here, a utopia where hearing God speak is ordinary and life is without limits. Imagine there is no cataclysmic end of the world, and no plans for world judgment. What if this was God’s plan all along?

Surprised by a huge man who says he’s an angel, Kent and his 9-year-old son Brey, are invited into a community structured without rules that gives them everything they need and want. Here, exists a transparent God without wrath or mystery, who has brought a piece of heaven to earth and created a circle of love and comfort He intends to spread worldwide.

As the earth reels under dangerous political and religious structures, Rose Rock blooms in seclusion. A self-sufficient, high desert community of supernatural existence where every person hears and speaks to God as easily as they speak to each other. Sickness is healed by just their shadow, and the only agenda is heaven on earth.

This is a one-of-a-kind novel full of the faith and hope that God has a good plan for our world and may be secretly creating it right under our noses, if only we would see.

Faith Living, explores this vision of what heaven on earth might be like in a practical and yet, supernatural sense. Setting the stage for a community without the traditions of religion, hidden from the chaos of the outside world, she paints a picture that might look similar to a vision in the recesses of your own soul.

The Kingdom of God at Rose Rock may shake doctrines and shift paradigms. It may raise the dark dome of impending doom and let the light shine into our hearts.

What if this world is truly without end? Might the chaos of transformation result in heaven on earth? Might we change our minds and see the goodness of God? What might that look like? How would it function? How would people behave? What would be different?

The Kingdom of God at Rose Rock is intended to spark your interest in finding the vision within your own heart and discover its fluid and miraculous reality.