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It was July 2nd, 2014, a warm peaceful morning, and I was enjoying sleeping a little longer than usual when the crows came and sat in the big tree outside my window.  It wasn’t a big deal except every one of them was crying at the top of their little lungs, which is surprisingly loud.  And I flinched and rolled over.  And then I jumped out of bed. “What the heck!?”  Then I waited patiently for them to disburse.  5 minutes, 10 minutes it continued.  “Oh, what in the world is going on?”

When I went to the window, I saw nothing strange.   There was only green grass, and a soft breeze.

So why were there crows screaming like they were having a raucous party in the loudest club downtown?  It felt like my nerves were being frayed one at a time as I pulled on my clothes and headed for a cuppa my favorite coffee.

Then stepping out onto the deck with coffee in hand, I gazed up at the tree which I could only see over the top of the roof.  There they were still squawking and creating a hurricane inside my soul.

Thinking that I should investigate further, I took my coffee and walked around the house to stare up at them.  And several of them jumped down to the lower branches presumably to scream at me personally.

I considered how I speak to storms, and decided to talk to them calmly and encourage them to be peaceful.  But they ignored my voice and didn’t care about my soft instructions.

So, then I rebuked them and commanded them to stop making so much noise.  That made them jump around from branch to branch, in a scuffle as they continued their verbal abuse.  Finally, in frustration, I went back into the house and paced back and forth sighing deeply with the conundrum.

Hunny saw me and looked at me questioningly.

“Can’t you hear those birds?”  I asked incredulously.

“Oh, yeah, I guess they’re kinda loud.  So, what?” he shrugged and walked away.

“So, what? Doesn’t it bother you?”

“It’s just birds,” he answered simply.

Seeing his point, I tried earphones and soothing music, or watching my favorite video, or speaking peaceful scriptures.  And the cacophony continued for an hour and then two.

My frustration was reaching a crescendo and I considered getting in the car and going to the mall simply to escape.  But I really didn’t want to go to the mall.  I wanted to sit at my desk peacefully and write, just the way I did it every day.

I was out of ideas on how to handle this. So, in abject surrender, I went to the deck again and sat down.  “Father, what in the world is going on?” I asked.

Instantly revelation hit me.  “THIS HAS MEANING.  And it’s time to go find out what that meaning is.”

“OK, Father, lead me to understanding.”

For the next hour, the birds quieted somewhat as I searched the internet and read several sites about the spiritual meaning of crows. Native American culture says they are messengers bringing secrets and hidden desires.

So, I asked out loud, “Father, what message?  What secrets and hidden desires? I’m listening.”

But oddly He didn’t speak and it puzzled me. Why wouldn’t He talk to me? I closed my eyes and searched my heart.  What was my desire?  What could it be?

Slowly, my dream home rose to the surface. He’d planted it in my heart many years before but even with the visions of the wood floors and the smells of the atmosphere, nothing had manifested. So, sad tears had settled on the dream like a dark cloud and left it in the recesses of my memory.

“Is this about my dream home, Father?” I asked, hesitantly, with only my desk to hear me.

Almost instantly, the birds were silent!   I looked around startled. Where were the birds?  What happened to them? Why did they stop screaming?

The silence was so profound that I scrambled to go to the tree once again and I froze as I watched the crows silently fly away, one by one.  Their message was delivered.  Their job was done. So, they moved on.

Standing under the tree staring up with gaping mouth, I marveled at Father’s strange way of getting my attention. It didn’t seem to matter that we talked every day since I began hearing His voice.

This was more like an announcement!  And it was meant to impress importance and propel me forward. He didn’t want me to simply make an entry in my journal.

It was like the trumpets blew!   Just like the book of Revelation. Except they blasted their message through a flock of crows.

Apparently, it was time to go get my home.

So,  after pondering this change for a few minutes, I found Hunny in his comfy chair and told him about the crow’s message.  He didn’t laugh or discount the story because we’ve had many strange occurrences with Father.  And Hunny agreed to go house hunting after stressing that he was also very content with what He had.

For the following month, we looked and talked and took trips to see houses that failed miserably.   Finally, we got tired and frustrated.  They weren’t in our budget or they were nothing we could see as our “home”.

By mid-August, we gave up and agreed that it would be best to wait another year and try again.  After all, we were very comfortable where we were.

But that afternoon the crows returned to the tree with all their raucous wonder.  And I went outside to stare at them once more.

“Are you kidding me?” I yelled up at them.

They squawked with gusto and with no signs of stopping. And once again I marveled.

Sighing and shaking my head in surrender, I said,  “OK! We will go find the house!”

And instantly, there it was.  Silence!  Utter, amazing, ridiculous, silence.  Not a peep from one of them.  And then one by one they flew away.  Again.


We found our house this time.  But there were some weird problems with it being financed.  So, we moved on.  We even put a bid on another house but in the meantime the weird problem solved itself and we went back.

This time everything sailed smoothly and by the end of October, we were moving in.


I still can’t explain why the crows seemed to grate on my nerves like fingernails on a chalkboard.  It wasn’t a big deal to Hunny.  Just another day, but with birds in the background.

For me though, it was more than enough to push me into searching for the answer and to remember that nothing with Father is a coincidence.  He wants to give us the desires of our heart.

At this time, we’ve been in our house for 3 years and often we marvel at our blessings as we sip our coffee’s and appreciate the blaze of sun on the rocky mountain cliffs.

Father never forgets His promises.






heavenly transformation


So, you’ve been pulled on a heavenly journey!  And now you wonder if it was real.  But you know you couldn’t have made this up because it was spontaneous.  It was something your imagination never created before.  But what was it?

The awe and the wonder linger predominantly in your heart and mind for hours, possibly days, and even weeks.  You can’t forget the furry feel of grass that giggles under your toes.   Or the feel of wearing a living gown that hugs and caresses your body with love.

You’re chomping at the bit to tell someone, but who will believe it was anything more than a fantastical fairytale dream?

It was so much more.  More rapturous and more beautiful than words can ever describe!  Like nothing ever conceived or dreamt!

But during a quiet moment you wonder, “isn’t this crazy?”  Have I “slipped a cog”?  Or have I gone a wee-bit “over-the-edge”?

How can that be?  You were perfectly sane yesterday, just before it happened.  Something transpired that made the spirit realm swoop into your reality, and into your mind.  And it swept you upward into the grandeur.

But beware.  There are those who will listen and criticize.  They won’t understand how your toes wiggled in the green.  Or how your skin was caressed by living material.  And they will call it ugly things like “spiritual rape” or say you’ve stepped into something evil and it’s deceiving you.  Plus, they may say it serves no purpose except to give your flesh a thrill.  And that it is therefore carnal.

But they are wrong.  Evil cannot transmit and share life.  Rather it destroys and kills with its downward spiral of death.  It cannot reproduce love with its fake mirror that looks like dramatic sentimentality or patronizing sympathy with a manipulating motive.  Evil never produces love that fills our hearts and minds with so much joy and peace that ecstasy ensues.

But you must choose the author and from which realm it came.  Was it Hell where there are weeping and gnashing of teeth?  Or was it from Heaven?  A pearl of great price that you will cherish and guard.  A treasure you can’t cast before swine, as Jesus called those who tear it and stomp it into the mud.

And the best news of all is that it definitely does have a most profound purpose.

Suddenly, in the twinkling of the eye, we become portals.  Conduits between Heaven and Earth.  Living doorways that bring Heaven here and us there.

And we open that realm for others as we share the Glory of it.   Sparks explode in them as they listen, and then afterward lift into journeys of their own.

Jesus said,  “I am the Way.  I am the Door.  Follow Me.” (my paraphrase)

What good are these adventures?

Yesterday you were an adolescent, not mature enough to fly.

Today you begin to take your throne.









This morning a fellow believer claimed himself to be my Pastor, and when I read his note I chuckled a teeny weeny bit because he has no idea the path I’ve walked on this topic.

It began a year or so ago with a group creating a denomination around some new revelation and for a minute I contemplated belonging because I agree with so much, except one point.

I simply don’t believe there is a hierarchy in Heaven or in The Kingdom of God other than the Godhead and me (or you).   But last year I didn’t have time to break down the reasons why.  So I pursued it today.

As usual, I went to Jesus at My Seat and asked Him.  And as usual, I had the answer before I finished the sentence.  (He reads my thoughts, you know).

He answered with a question.  “Where is The Kingdom?”

And instantly I saw it within me and understood His question.  It was so completely obvious.

There is no one in authority of my kingdom except me and the Godhead.  That’s all.  There are no Angels assigned to certain territories.  They are simply Angels with different talents and giftings.  Actually in the same sort of way that we are.

There may be principalities and powers that have assigned themselves to authority over levels of government on Earth, but they all bow to my Lord.  And therefore they have no true authority over me.

I know this because Jesus reminded me of that speeding ticket I got a few years ago and the moment I declared “Never again!”

My declaration took precedence over their authority simply because this is my kingdom and I rule and reign here with Him.  Whether I speed or not, I will not get another speeding ticket.  But certainly, because of Love, I try not to speed.

There is no power in Heaven or on Earth that can take authority over me in my kingdom.  Unless … I acquiese it to them.  That means I would have to willingly give them authority over me in an area or in totality.

A monarch of an earthly kingdom never gives away authority unless he is forced into it by other rulers or countries.

But that isn’t the case in The Kingdom of God.  It isn’t compromised by other powers with possibly more control because there is no power greater than LOVE, Himself and there is no rulership within that Kingdom except LOVE.

Therefore, there will be no bid for control or authority for one ruler over another.  It’s only about honor and Love for everyone in their respective places.  And there’s no need for anyone to be in control over another.

As a matter of fact, He has always stressed to me that no one has authority over any other human being.  And that’s because we are all created in God’s image.  And God has no one in authority over Him.

He is who we are created to be like.  There is no other example.

Yes, I know the scriptures that would be used to prove me wrong and because of Him and His Spirit in me, I’m sure that we are interpreting them askew.  This is my experience.

There is no one over my Father, my Jesus, or my Holy Spirit.  They are One and are the other piece of me, this new hybrid person.  I’m inseparable from them.  Therefore nothing takes authority over them.  And will never do so unless I choose to give it away.

But, why would I choose to give that away?  What reason could cause me to want someone else in authority over me?  Who loves me as much and has paid the price for my unconditional surrender?

I can’t think of one.

I was raised the other way.  To believe there are all sorts of authority levels in my life.  And I followed it completely.

Until now.

And yes, this is a very recent revelation.  Just as My Seat is fairly recent.

I didn’t sit in My Seat as soon as I became a believer.  I had lots of years of learning and lots of teachers that walked through my life.  It was appropriate to honor them and learn from them.

But each one who took authority over me eventually fell.  They weren’t perfect.  And though it broke my heart each time, I now understand why.

No one can stand in that place of authority and hold it forever, except Father.  He is the only one who deserves to hold it.

Even teachers of monarchs, don’t claim authority over them.  They only teach.

Unfortunately, mankind has coveted authority over each other since the beginning of Eden’s fall.  It is a lame attempt to replace Him.  And we’ve used religion to maintain it over each other and especially over women.  After all, it is a lucrative and Earthly powerful position.

But it’s wrong and always has been.  Father tried to tell us when we demanded a King.  And He’s still trying to tell us today that He is all we need.  He rules only as LOVE and He has no substitute.

He only ever wanted to LOVE us and never use authority or the judgment and punishment which follow.

So, the best my fellow believer got from me this morning was a teeny weeny chuckle.  He is not my authority nor my Pastor.  Father is all that and everything else for me.

This isn’t a challenge for someone to prove me wrong.  This is me, sharing my experience.

Blessings on your journey today.  It doesn’t need to be identical to mine.  You always have my blessings and my love.






silent and unquestioning


Today I was reminded how so many good church-goers have embraced silence. They label questioning seekers as troublemakers and find great comfort in the status quo. It’s called unity.

But that unity is a prison of hypocrisy where the mind and heart are silenced without free expression. And a smiling mask is worn to cover a dying soul.

Father never created a human heart that didn’t crave more. And it is only silenced through fear. The biggest one being Rejection.

No one ever wants to be rejected. It is the most painful thing we do to each other. And yet all the best churches teach how to properly and lovingly reject others as though it is a cooking class meant to make your meals better than you’ve ever known.

Rejection is a dark evil Jesus never used even when He hung on a cross dying.

And it’s hard to find the courage to defy Rejection and step out of the box where we can ask all the questions our mind can produce. It takes tremendous endurance when the doors of Judgment and Rejection begin slamming in our face.

THIS is where we take up our cross and follow HIM. THIS is the persecution that can commit murder.

But if you are a questioning seeker, you aren’t alone. There are many. They are often hiding from the status quo because they haven’t found their courage yet.

I didn’t find it until many years after I moved away from home. And even then it was slow progress.

One of the most awe-inspiring things about Jesus is getting a glimpse of the courage He had. It was nothing less than God-like. Oh, wait, He was God. 😁

Stepping out to rock the boat on the religious status quo is still one of the most frightening and dangerous things anyone can ever do. The resulting assault on your faith and your character is the greatest evil that human beings display.

It’s all about fear. And if we don’t find the courage to face fear and become free, we can find ourselves crucifying our own Messiah.





About 18 months ago, I shared a declaration I made in my Kingdom, that no Police Officers would be shot and killed in my state of Colorado.

That declaration stood strong, until just a few days ago, when the first Officer in my beloved state, passed into eternity from a shooting.

My heart felt like it stopped.  And I stood in the dark space of eternity and asked Father why. Continue reading RULING AND REIGNING – AND FAILURE



going down


It’s a scary thing to watch someone go headlong down into the pit of hell. You probably know that place as well as I do. And it’s not been so long ago since I was there.

The last time I went, I shrunk to the floor in a heap. Tears were coming in great floods and I had no hope at all. There was not even one point of light shining for me in the distance. Nothing was left.  And Fear screamed into the darkness which was blacker than any black.  Death waited with open arms.  And pain was worse than any known.

I was shocked at my arrival because I hadn’t known there was an actual place of burning and torture for us in this present existence. Continue reading GOING DOWN INTO HELL



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Imagine heaven right here, a utopia where hearing God speak was ordinary and the new world order was life without limits.  What if this was a possible world? What if it really does get better? What if it was God’s plan all along?

There is no Armageddon or cataclysmic end of the world coming.  There are no plans for world judgment or destruction. There is just paradise on earth.

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Rose Rock is a secluded, self-sufficient, high desert community whose supernatural existence causes every person to hear God speaking to them, among other things.  Rose Rock’s only agenda is heaven on earth.

Rose Rock paints the picture of a transparent God who freely shares the supernatural and miraculous, and plans to make it happen all over the world. Rose Rock is the template.

This is a one-of-a-kind novel you won’t want to miss.  It’s full of faith, hope and the realization of a perfect world, the kind we only dream about.

IDENTITY – Chapter 21 from MY SEAT (Read Here – Free)

My Seat

(MY SEAT – 1st book in the “Learning to Live From The Kingdom” series)
Chapter 21 – Identity


Our actual and real Identity may not be anything similar to who we see ourselves as right now. We can be completely wrong in our self-image and while we are wrong we won’t experience the life that Father God intended for us.

So, how can we be completely wrong? Because the real you and the real me was created the moment God envisioned us. He created every detail, every character trait, and every nuance of your personality and mine. And it was good.

At that moment there was nothing about us that was off-whack, twisted, broken or damaged. We were perfect. Continue reading IDENTITY – Chapter 21 from MY SEAT (Read Here – Free)




I began writing 5 easy steps to being un-offendable when I realized that I don’t believe in steps.  They’re formulas and formulas are an act of striving to change ourselves using our own minuscule power. It’s extremely hard work and seldom succeeds.

So, I scrapped most of what I wrote and voted for telling you the story of the first time I decided to stop being offended.

It happened when Hunny and I were dating and we had a fight because he said something that offended me.  It was happening frequently because he’s an outspoken man and rarely beats around the bush.

But this time he said, “Look, this isn’t going to work if you keep getting offended.  First off, I’m not going to change.  This is who I am.  And this is how I talk.  I love you and you can believe that or not.  It’s your choice.  But you can’t manipulate me.  So, figure it out because this won’t work.” Continue reading BEING UN-OFFENDABLE