Cause and effect


Let’s talk about Cause and Effect.  And maybe about Gravity, too.

It’s true I don’t take cause and effect very seriously anymore. After all the years of miracles and favor and such, I don’t expect everything that goes UP, must come DOWN.

For instance, for every financial mistake I make, I don’t have to live in financial hardship. For every virus I contract, I don’t have to be sick. And for every heartbreak I receive, I don’t have to live with woundedness. But here’s the biggie – for every sin I commit, I don’t have to pay a price.

Does that mean I choose to sin? Not at all, and yet I’m like everyone else. Sometimes I go over the speed limit. Sometimes I get frustrated with people at work and respond impatiently. Or sometimes, I’m grouchy at home. And for sure, I’m often sarcastic, everywhere.

So do I expect to get a speeding ticket? No. I did that once a few years ago and afterward, I said, “Never again!” And I meant it. Now I expect I will never again get a speeding ticket. Not because I never go over the speed limit, because sometimes I forget and have other things on my mind. But Angels heard my mandate and I actually live in The Kingdom. So, no, I do not expect to have consequences.

You may think that’s unrealistic and that I’m leading people down a primrose path only so they will be hurt. Well, unfortunately here is one Cause and Effect that I DO believe. If we don’t try, we’ll certainly never succeed.

Call it Grace, or Mercy, or Favor, or whatever. I’ve come to take it for granted in a way. Not because I’m arrogant but because I’m so confident that it’s going to always be with me and always take care of me. Father has proven this to me so many times over through so many years that I don’t remember when it began and how it started.

I only remember asking preacher after preacher why we don’t live in miracles like the early church did.  Most of them just shook their heads.  Some of them wanted to but didn’t know how.  A few had seen some.  I simply decided that if God was real, then this was mine and I wanted it.

But I want you to know that I’m not much different from you, and I’m not lying when I tell you that there really is a way to live with Him that puts you in a sweet spot. It’s amazing and it’s full of Love. If you aren’t living there yet, then I recommend it. If you think you aren’t worthy, or it can’t happen for you, then those are lies from hell.

Just keep going forward listening to His voice. Do everything He tells you to do. Experiment, He doesn’t mind. He loves you. Trust Him.

And … someday I may even defy Gravity, just because I want to.

Thank you for letting me share my journey.  I bless you on yours.


4 thoughts on “CAUSE AND EFFECT, and Gravity”

  1. BAM!!!!!
    what an excellent post!! it’s so “spot on”!!
    you nailed it Faith (as always 😉 )
    keep being “you” …hopefully you’ll rub off on many of us!!

  2. Thank you Faith, this is wonder-full. I join you in your quest for the miracles, for Father’s real, here and now love, for being allowed by Father to take risks, ask questions, and try things.

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