It was tough to hear I was defeated, my chance was over, and all my opportunities were gone.

That was the message of a dream that woke me recently, and I wanted to share the story of overcoming it’s crippling effect because I’m sure you’ve felt it too.

I couldn’t walk or move forward normally in the dream.  Similar to moving through water, it was slow and difficult.  My goal was in a room far away and the building had closed before I’d arrived, so I was trespassing boundaries.

Eventually we heard the announcement, “You are out of time.  It’s over.”  But I looked to see if Hunny thought I should quit, and he said “Don’t pay any attention. You can do whatever you want.”  Then the dream ended.

The next day, I swam in defeat, but cried to Father for help, and of course He brought it.

This was simply a stronghold to be torn down.  Our society views achievement and opportunity primarily while we are young, and when we step over middle-age, those doors begin closing, our opportunities seem gone and we are out of time.  It’s over.

But that is changing.  I’ve seen several TV shows and commercials portraying people active and vital into their 70’s and 80’s.  I believe those limits will be pushed even farther.

Meantime, I didn’t realize these boundaries had been built inside my own mind and I needed to receive the solution from Father.

He reminded me of another dream from last year.  In it I stepped off a cosmic elevator to claim my building, which happened to be the big one directly in front of me as the doors opened.  I walked quickly and purposefully to it, and immediately began naming each room’s objective for the people following me, taking notes.

In another dream soon after that one, my building was full of activity and production.  Praying Medic and wife, along with Jeremy Mangerchine and others were coming to tour.  I even had the vault opened for them to peruse.  

These dreams are my Word from the Lord.  They are the diamonds I hold in my hand and study whenever an attack comes.

Father’s solution was this Word He’d given me.  Everyone has a Word.  We may have forgotten it, but Father hasn’t.  He’ll retrieve it and remind us.  Then once we have it in our hands, we should cherish it because it is the truth.

I’m going to go back to the defeated dream for just a moment and tell that announcer, “You’re not in charge.  This is my building.  I will achieve my goals, and I will live to enjoy the fruits of them for a very long time.  You can’t stop me.”

It isn’t over.  I’m not defeated.  I haven’t failed and I’m not out of time.  But rather, I’ve discovered my building which is my creativity, and I know it’s purpose, and it’s goal.  I will achieve it and enjoy all it’s rooms.

And that’s the truth.  PPPlllttt!  (remember Edith Ann in her rocking chair)

Blessing to you in your journey.



2 thoughts on “I’M DEFEATED? I’M FINISHED? I’M DONE?”

  1. omg!! Edith Ann!!!!!!! “and that’s the truth”!!!lololol…
    yes, you surely are in her character!! take nothing from any devil and stand in his face, throw him down and take the (spiked) heel of your shoe and nail him between the eyes!! (i guess that’s more of a Rambo-type Edith Ann lol)….
    you’ve got it and he’s the loser! how dare he try to stop you! i’m so glad you’re the powerful warrior you are and you’re not afraid to stare him down even when you’re feeling his pressure!
    you’re a delight and amazing example to follow!! i know i’m taking lessons from your posts!! and i’m looking for the highest spiked heels i can find and def going to do the victory dance on his head!!
    thanks Faith, you’re a real trip, i love how you conquer your enemies…you’re fierce!!!!!!!!! wtg!!! 😉

    1. Lol! Oh Joann, you make me laugh and I’m so glad you found Joy in this episode of my journey – I have too!!! WE WIN!! ((happy dance))

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