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In spite of how far we’ve come as new creatures in Christ, most of us still struggle with how to love evil people.  While Father has been teaching me how to create Heaven on Earth, one tiny step at a time, He recently revealed that creating also has an effect on evil  people and the result makes them a whole lot easier to love.  So here goes some sharing.

I’ve faced my fair share of evil people bringing devastation and destruction into my world and I’ve handled it the same way most of us have been taught to handle it.  Learn to understand them, then forgive them and finally love them.  It seems logical.  And it’s a very long arduous road that may lead to a moment when we love them.  But it’s difficult to maintain and we may have to repeat the process many times over and still fall short.  This process isn’t necessarily going away, but there is another option sometimes.

It began with a moment while creating, I discovered that I don’t need to know the path Father will take to turn my creative vision into reality.  I only need to imagine the end picture.  It doesn’t have to be logical.  It doesn’t have to make sense.  “Logical” and “sense” are my intellect trying to control things and it prevents me from imagining miraculous things.  If I can’t figure out how to get an ugly point A to transform into a fabulous point B, then I can’t create point B.  So,I had to throw out the intellectual process of figuring out how to get to point B.  I had to let Father God be smarter than I am and believe that He can simply perform anything.  My task is only to paint the picture of point B.  He didn’t ask my advice on how to get there.

So, once I stopped trying to figure out how to get there, creating got a whole lot easier.  All I need now is to put point A on a shelf or ignore it.  Then I can take a blank canvas and paint the picture of what it should look like if it were perfect.  There are no rules to create.  Only imagine.  And believe me, we are doing this every day and we don’t even know we’re doing it.   For instance, when I go to the grocery store, I make a list and when I write an item on that list I can see exactly where it is located in my store.  I’ve been to that store hundreds of times.  I can imagine it.

Truthfully we image every single thing we do, every moment of the day.  We don’t function without imagination which is vital to our existence.  Sometimes we are creating ordinary things like chores and sometimes we are creating amazing new things.  But then there are other times that we are creating horrific pictures from our fears.  The awful part is when we believe them so strongly that we cause them to manifest.

We were made in His image, like our Father, as a creator.  Everywhere we look around us we see the results of what we have created.  And no, we don’t have the right to blame someone else for what we see.  Why?  Because even if it was created by others, it remains in existence because of us.  As believers, we have a responsibility to create Heaven on Earth.  If we aren’t doing that, then we need to pay attention to what pictures we are allowing to remain in our imagination.  Point B must be simply perfect.  Nothing else is Heaven.

After creating the perfect picture,  I place it in Jesus’s hand and He agrees with it or simply says, “Yes.”  Then I leave it there and Father gives it life.   There is always a moment in the future when I look around and suddenly realize that I’m miraculously living inside the perfect picture.  This was actually how I was living for two years.  The perfection, and peace, and beauty were like living a charmed life.

Then one day, evil people began intruding into my paradise and messing up the perfection.  That’s when Father told me to create another picture with them in it, only this time paint it the way it would look if they behaved perfectly.

He said I didn’t have to understand their behavior.  I didn’t need to understand evil to simply know it is evil.  I don’t need to know how it got into a person’s mind and changed them.  It got there the same way it gets into any mind, through trauma.  And trauma is simply another definition of evil.  I didn’t have to study their life or the abuse they’d suffered because it didn’t matter if I understood.  I only needed to see that their picture is displaying evil.  And it should display agreement with Heaven on Earth which is perfect.

Father explained a profound truth about this kind of creating.  When I create an environment or a situation, it’s not just about the environment or the situation.  The scenario involves and affects people besides me.  Therefore when my picture manifests, it changes something about those people.

When we create Heaven on Earth we create perfection, and there is no evil in the picture.  There can be no evil or it wouldn’t be perfect.  It wouldn’t be Heaven on Earth.

I know people have difficulty with the word “perfect”.  They feel it is a wrong word to use because it places too much pressure on humans to perform in an impossible way or to produce an impossible thing.

Well, Father also explained this.  We think we are imperfect beings.  We see the mistakes, the flaws, the bumblings, and we count them one by one.   Father told me to look at one square foot of the forest floor and tell Him what I saw.  I said it was naturally beautiful.  He asked if it was perfect and I said “yes” because of the beauty of its randomness.  Then He said that was the way He sees us and that He’d like us to stop seeing our randomness as imperfect mistakes and flaws.  To Him, we are beautiful and perfect because of our randomness.  He made us that way so we can fit together with Him like a glove and together we are perfect.

He told us to be perfect as He is perfect.  It wasn’t an instruction for us to mold ourselves into something without random fumbling or mistakes.  It was an invitation to join Him and see ourselves as He sees us, without evil.  With Him, we make everything perfect, in conjunction, in agreement, one step at a time, every day.

Evil is an entity that steals, kills and destroys perfection and it wants to destroy us by invading us with trauma bringing twisted abuse, brokenness, sickness, and death.

When we create a new picture and it is brought to life, then the people inside that picture are affected by perfection.  They are touched by God and inside that perfection, they become free, just as the atmosphere and the environment become free from evil.  THIS is how Heaven comes to Earth.  And this is how my world became a little piece of charmed paradise.

Father told me not to focus specifically on people but on the whole scenario, the atmosphere, the environment, and how the whole thing flows together inside beauty.  In doing this, I’m creating Heaven scenarios on Earth.  My motive is not to manipulate and change people to suit me and what my opinion is of them, but rather to see Heaven before me.  Of course, it helps tremendously to spirit travel and see Heaven regularly.

When I create like this, one of two things happens.  People who are normally agitated, irritable, mean, and impossible, are suddenly calm and pleasant. Or they leave my environment quickly and that serves the same purpose.  Heaven displays around me and I enjoy it.

No, this is not witchcraft and that may be another article.  But for now, I’d simply ask you to check your spirit.  If you are in a relationship with Father, then your spirit knows the difference between light and dark, good and evil, love and hate.  It knows the difference between the Father of Light and the father of lies.

But there is one more question.  Doesn’t creating pictures that affect the behavior of others, negate the free will of mankind?  Actually, I believe people, situations, or environments influenced by evil have already had their free will warped and they don’t know it.   When we (the sons) create Heaven on Earth it sets mankind free to enjoy their unadulterated free will once again.

Creating isn’t just the act of making something new and beautiful, it is also a powerful weapon that can uncreate something ugly and damaging.  It sets men free.

I’m sure there’s more.  There always is.  😀

Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Blessings on yours.




  1. Oh Faith, what a blessing I was given today. Father is so good to resonate in us at the same frequency, confirming His Word!
    I was marking up your post (for my benefit) and had to take a break to intentionally rejoice! There it was, my pattern! in what you wrote: see, declare decree, proclaim pray things here on earth as they are in heaven. And if you don’t know how they are in Heaven, ask Him to show you, give correction–place His desires in your heart and bring them to pass. What a gift to have so many little things in one post.
    You / HE even addressed that niggling thought that I was being manipulative (witchcraft) since I can agree with Word that I like…But that’s not what I do, merely what I know 😉
    Shalom, Saralou

    1. Ha! Oh how I love that way He slides just exactly what we need, right in front of our eyes! His Loving ways are so magnificent!

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