healing hands


It was that moment after her healing when she was thanking me for it. Her eyes were wide as she said, “You are GOOD” in an almost whisper.  Then she asked, “How did you learn to do that?”  And that was the moment.

I had a choice to make.  I could deflect her praise by using a kind of false humility and say, “It wasn’t me, it was God.”  Or I could say it the way it really is.

So, I said, “We can all do this.  It’s God, yes, and He is inside us.  If only we realize who we really are.  We are the only creation He made to follow Him and walk in His image.  And Jesus didn’t beg.  He spoke to it.”

She smiled, nodded her head, almost to herself, and then walked away from me.

During the remainder of the evening, she worked hard.  And she never winced again with the pain.  She had no pain.

But earlier, the excruciating pain twisted her face and she rubbed her shoulder over and over, to no avail.  I watched as she struggled.  And I waited to see if she overcame it on her own.

I asked, “What about the surgery last week?  Didn’t it fix the problem?”  And she said, “It might not have any effect for a couple months.”  Then my heart broke for her.  Her previous pain had only been exacerbated by the cure.

She’d been so sure the surgery would work.  And she never wanted to talk about healing or alternatives.  So I was sure she wouldn’t receive my touch.

But after the torment continued for 30-45 minutes, it was obvious that she was desperate.  She was losing control, about to capitulate, give up, and go home.  And there, the pain would torment her all night.

Finally, I said, “Would you like me to speak to your pain?”

And in desperation, she said, “Yes.  Anything. I don’t care what you do!”

So I gently put my hands on her shoulders and began telling the pain that it must leave.  I instructed the muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints to return to their originally created vibrations of perfect alignment and complete healing.

With wide-eyes, she said, “It’s almost gone!”

“Almost?  You still feel some? Then let’s do it again.” I answered and laid my hands on her shoulders again, repeating the words I said before.

With the pain gone, she happily and eagerly attacked her work chores.  And I smiled as I watched.

This is love, the kind Jesus shared.  This is fulfillment and satisfaction, to have compassion and share healing.  More than ever, I know He and I are one.  Like a hybrid, there is no beginning or end of me, as there is no beginning or end of Him.  We are me.  You and I are Him.

I touched her with healing.

Thank you for sharing my journey.  Many blessings on yours.



  1. This really blessed me. I want to release the power in me to heal others also. I too believe we all can.

  2. Oh! Thank you so much for not taking the false humility route. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I encounter it. Besides, how wonderful to stand upright and do the things we are called to do? Co-laboring with our Papa is what we were created for and it’s a great place to demonstrate to others that they can do this too.

    I love this! Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. This is wonderful to read. 🙂 Do you have advice for those who do this, and the pain leaves the people who they pray for at that time, but then returns the next day? This pattern keeps repeating itself with the same friend that I pray for. Please. <3

    1. Ask Father while you’re praying with her about what more needs to happen. The most effective method is simply not using a method. It is listening to Holy Spirit in the moment and then doing that. Blessings on you both, Sarah.

  4. Love it. Humility does not deny ability. It just does not flaunt for the sake of being puffed up. Meekness is one of the most misunderstood traits. It is strength unflaunted.

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