The Pink Light and Bubblegum Angel

I’m amazed at Heaven’s perfect prescriptions for whatever ails us here on Earth.  But even as I’m amazed I’m also beginning to understand this dynamic is the one that will bring Heaven into Earth through us because it creates a new kind of reliance; the perfect remedy every time we call.  Perfect answers will then become a habit, a natural response in a natural relationship.  Just as we pick up a fork to eat, we tap the resource to bring our answer.

I was awakened at 3:30am enveloped in terror and knew it was coming from my concerns about my son re-marrying his ex-wife.  I saw dark shapes and ugly eyes floating around me.  I saw a laughing face and glowing eyes glide close by me on my right and I pulled my broadsword and stabbed it in the face. It melted.  I knew I could spend hours rebuking the darkness only to have it return.   The only way to squash it was to squash the fear within me.  So I called out to Jesus in my spirit.  It was a call of focus, of reaching out to touch Him because He is my salvation from all things.  He is where I want to stay at all times.  But fear was pulling me from that place.  I had allowed it and now I needed resolution.

A couple minutes passed as the shadows darted about.  Suddenly another Being broke through.  I saw swirling pale gray veils which I thought might be another Being of darkness, but this one was very large and I heard the word Comfort.  Immediately I thought the Being’s name was Comfort but later I concluded that the voice was announcing the comfort this Being brought.  Veils swirled around my body, nearly lifting me above the bed.  They seemed to be coming from every direction making it difficult to know if this was a single Being or several. But its powerful strength sorted it out into one singular Being; an Angel.  I also knew it was female.

I rested into the massive presence of Comfort and let it massage me for several minutes.  There was nothing weak about this Angel bearing comfort.  I knew her strength would reign supreme in any situation.

Eventually, she withdrew and I saw a flash of pink and the smell of bubblegum and then she was gone but for the comfort she left behind in my spirit.

All fear was gone.  I knew my son would be fine.  It didn’t matter how the situation worked out, I was assured it would be fine.  And I settled into a deeply satisfying sleep.

Next day, I Googled more information on this Angel.   I searched for Comfort and found no Angel by that name but rather this is what I found.

The Archangel Chamuel is known as the angel of peaceful relationships. People sometimes ask for Chamuel’s help to: discover more about God’s love, find inner peace, resolve conflicts with others, forgive people who have hurt or offended them, find and nurture romantic love, and reach out to serve people in turmoil who need help to find peace.

Chamuel, the Archangel of peaceful relationships, is in charge of the pink angel light ray.

The prophetic meaning of the colors:

[Gray] Honor, Dignity, Splendor, Wisdom, Glory, Humility, Maturity

[Pink] Femininity, Innocence, Chaste, Purity, Feminine

Aside from the comfort she brought me, I understood why Jesus sent her.  Remarriage after a tumultuous, heartbreaking divorce would require blessings of peaceful relationships, resolution of conflicts, forgiveness of hurts and offenses, nurturing romantic love and guidance toward peace.  The perfect prescription for this situation.

I don’t know what the pink angel light ray is about.  There wasn’t a lot of information about it but it is most often seen with Chamuel and was the detail of confirmation for me.

Plus, she likes bubblegum?

Simply Yummy Fruit

Fruit comes after the tree blooms. The petals then drop on the ground littering the grass and the remaining “kernel” begins to grow into fruit. Once mature it is harvested by people smelling its fragrance – which makes them hungry.

In the Bible, we are told to bear fruit after hearing the Word and letting it germinate within our heart.  We’ve been told that bearing fruit means bringing people to God, but think about this.  The tree does not harvest fruit from itself.  Nor does the tree grow people.  But rather the fruit is the result of the nutrients within the tree itself.

The fruit is a part of the tree.  And when it is at full maturity it causes people to be drawn to the tree by the sight and smell.  Therefore, it has to be good fruit to be attractive and draw people.  They become hungry by the sight and the smell of it.  They come closer and then pick it.  Then they taste to see how good the flavor.

So, people come and test the fruit.  First by sight, then smell, then taste.  At any point, they can discard the fruit as not acceptable.  But if it is good, the test is finished and they sit down to enjoy it.

The fruit nourishes and refreshes them, it gives them strength and enjoyment to go onward with their task or goal.

Think about it.




My awesome broadsword was given to me in the middle of a spiritual battle. It’s a marvelous revelation I want to share with you.

In a dream, I cowered on the floor in a dark corner of an old house. At the front door, a pack of demon beasts clawed and snarled.  So, I ran around inside the house and secured the windows and doors, then I retreated to the room farthest away.

Chris Hemsworth showed up suddenly (I think he represented an angel) and began flinging the doors open.  His actions caused me to panic and I screamed, “What are you doing?” But he yelled back, “Use your sword!” and then he tossed me a broadsword.

I hesitated for a moment staring at it in my hand, when something in my spirit said, “What is your sword?

I was taught, as everyone was, that our sword is the Bible, the Word of God, but my spirit said,” Your Word is a word that was spoken specifically to you.  It’s not a scripture.”

So, I wracked my brain trying to remember when I had ever received a Word for my life. And immediately I remembered what Jesus had said to me many years ago in a vision. I’d forgotten about it.

He had put a pencil in my hand and said, “Now, you will write for Me.”

As soon as I remembered it, the broadsword came alive in my hand and fear completely disappeared.  Apparently, without knowing my personal Word, my spirit had no power.  Fear had control.

But in knowing I had a destiny and what it was, I was fearless and powerful.

With the sword functioning in my hand, I followed Chris to the front of the house where the beasts had clawed holes in the doors. They were reaching inside with their paws and heads to grab or bite me.

So, I sliced and stabbed with powerful intention alongside Chris, and within moments the beasts ran away yelping in retreat.  We won that battle.

Afterward, I saw in the spirit that the broadsword was mine to keep. It hung on my back in a sheath and a couple weeks later I used it again on an ugly bugger invading my bedroom.

It’s important to remember dreams and visions.  They hold keys to our growth and success.  And a Journal is perfect for keeping them.

I have one now!


Repeatedly I’ve come to the end of my formulas and doctrines and resorted to the step that never fails me. I cry out, “Help me, Jesus, help me!”.

And He always answers. Always. He has never ignored this cry. It seems similar to a cry King David often made, although not the exact words.

“I cry out to the Lord; I plead for the Lord’s mercy” Psalm 142:1 

It always seems to be my last resort because I have so much teaching about our appropriate response to problems and I try to take those steps first. I try raising my shield, drawing my sword, speaking the Word. And sometimes they work, sometimes they take time to work, and sometimes it seems I’m swinging my arms in the air hitting nothing. When the last scenario seems to be the order of the battle, then I cry out.

Afterward, I wonder if I haven’t learned to fight properly. Am I not doing it right? I’m failing. Then I realize He never fails. He always rescues me. He never leaves me or forsakes me. And on top of that, He never condemns me. His attitude is one of ‘this is the way it should be’. He saunters along beside me as though this is the natural course of action.

Maybe it is. Maybe I am doing it wrong. But not in the wrong way I thought. But I’m doing the formula. I’m performing the strategy as we have all been taught. Yet it occurs to me that our enemy was also in those classes. He also heard the formula and learned our strategy. He prepared the obstruction for that method and blocked the road yet again. However, Jesus, Himself, is the one weapon he can’t block or obstruct.

Therefore, I have determined to continue fighting the battles as they arise in my life along my pathway, but I will not condemn myself for resorting to the final weapon. I think I will resort to Him sooner.

I will cry out because Jesus is still my salvation.



Yep, it was an accident. We were looking for a new highway that had been built to cut across from I-70 to Central City, and when we saw the sign with an arrow to Central City, we went that way. It was strange that it was a gravel road, but maybe they didn’t have it completed at the bottom yet. However, after a mile, it was still gravel and getting narrower and progressively higher. Since it was now barely over one lane in width, I didn’t think I could turn around even though I came across a couple driveways. It seemed incomprehensible that there was much farther to go.

Oh, how wrong I was. That small gravel road went onward another couple miles, increasing in altitude and narrowness until my trepidations turned into downright panic and fearful anxiety. My breathing was rapid, my heart rate was elevated. And I began praying, “Oh, please, let this road reach its summit around this next corner”. But no, that corner lead to another long incline, which lead to another corner, which lead to another long incline, and on it went.

My husband, looking puzzled, told me to stop so he could get out. I pleaded with him not to walk to the edge and look over. Certainly it was a sheer drop and he would be in tremendous peril. But to my dismay, he insisted to the point that I pressed the brake completely. Since I was only traveling at an estimated 2 mph, it wasn’t a hard stop.
He opened the door and I squeezed my eyes tightly shut begging him not to walk to the edge.

He did. And he stood there for a bit.

I tried to breathe. But all I could do was pray harder and beg with all my heart that God would find the top of this forsaken mountain and let me step out onto a meadow that wasn’t hanging over a precipice. However, that didn’t happen. The road continued.

My husband had gotten back into the car and declared what an awesome view it had been and that the town below now looked like a tiny speck. It didn’t help me one bit. And he said that I should keep driving.

On the next incline we met a car coming down. I was in the center of the road. My husband admonished me to get over and give the man some room. To which I replied, “LET HIM CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN, I’M NOT GETTING OVER!”

He laughed, gently of course, but none the less it was a laugh. Then he waved at the poor gentleman in the other car who nearly sideswiped the rocks on his right side since I gave him no berth. My husband offered to drive, to which I replied that I would have to get out and walk. There was no answer for the dilemma.

So, I prayed HARD and continued driving at 2 mph. Amazingly in the midst of my terror I heard HIS quiet voice tell me “Simply keep your eyes on the road ahead and keep trusting ME.” And that is what I did. I stared into the gravel on the road as though I would burn holes into it. And I kept moving at a snail’s pace.

The top did come. And when we rounded the corner to reveal it, I never thought I would ever feel that kind of relief ever again. I breathed. I breathed like a person who’d been starved for air. I gulped it in and thanked God profusely and loudly.

We were there. And Central City was only a few blocks away. In my fresh memory of terror I sought the street sign at the next corner to know the name of this hell’s highway I had just traversed. And there it was in clear black and white. It had been named “Oh My God Road”!


How can we be Christian and see only death, despair and destruction all around us? How can we?

Christ is Life, He is rebirth, and He is redemption. Have we forgotten? Do we look at a cocoon and not see the butterfly emerging? Do we panic and say “what horrible end is coming – the cocoon is dying?” Do we stare in disbelief and pray and plead with God to save the cocoon?

“Long Live the cocoon! Allegiance to the cocoon! Look at the cocoon’s glorious beginning! If only we could take the cocoon back to the beginning?”

Do we find someone to blame for the cocoon’s demise? And then disrespect and slander them mercilessly?

Can’t we see the butterfly? She will soar in the freedom of flight. She will flutter in a miraculous display of color.

Can’t we see the butterfly? She is right there, emerging from the dying cocoon.


This is so, so amazingly easy! I’ve worked hard at jobs, at home, at relationships, at conversations . . . at almost anything. I’ve thought maybe I don’t know how to relax because I sit down to relax and think of a million things I should do.

Even at vacation, we try to squeeze in too much.

So, I was thinking I have a problem . . . until today when I realized what my relaxation consists of doing. It’s my time with God.

Some people think that is difficult and are surprised at me. They ask, “How do you do it?” And I say, “Do what?”  Then they ask, “How do you know so much about God?” And I stare back because I don’t understand why they think it’s so hard.

Today, I found a way to compare it to a universal activity everyone knows. A puppy. When we look at a puppy, it’s impossible not to adore him.  Those sweet eyes and soft fur . . . well, in a moment we melt under those wet kisses and slide to the floor in positions we would normally consider embarrassing. But not when there’s a puppy.

That is how hard it is to spend time with God. That is how hard it is to learn about Him.  When I think about sitting with Him . . . ahh, it’s better than a chaise lounge on the beach with an umbrella and raspberry ice tea. But it’s more.  Usually, within a few minutes He says something or shows me something in a way that is wonderfully thrilling, and I am full of happiness.

There was a time when He first started spilling this wonderful-ness into our time together, that the overwhelming excitement became too much.  It began to hurt; to feel like I would virtually explode. And I had to ask Him to stop. Just for a moment. I couldn’t contain it.

Then He told me to stop holding it inside. That was the key; to let it out. To write it, sing it, talk about it. But not hold it inside. We can’t bear it. He’s more Joy than we’ve ever known as human beings. And when we let it flow thru us like a river, it works. But if we dam a river, it must have an outlet. Once I began letting it flow, I could keep filling. It’s that simple.

I heard a sincere gentleman talking about the Bible the other day and he was saying some super deep stuff about revelations. After a while, I had to stop listening.  It was exhausting and . . . frankly, no fun.  Please know that I don’t think it’s wrong to study deeply. Maybe it was thrilling for him. And that’s great. But God has told me some pretty awesome, deep revelations too. And, it was so much easier on me to get them directly from Him.  He never makes it hard work.

But when I try to explain the things God has told me, it seems hard for others to understand sometimes – just like things this man was talking about seemed hard to me.

Jesus said “my yoke is easy and my burden, light” and if it seems hard to you, then it’s time to step into the river. It’s wonderful there. You can stay as long as you want. It won’t cost you a thing – He already paid the price. And when you’re ready . . . He’ll tell you something you never knew. Watch out! It will be wonderful!


oh Eternity, I can see you in my spirit

 I can almost taste your touch

 fresh and blowing softly

 across my nose

 I smell Life

 the smallest bud

 the biggest explosion

 caressing my skin

 lifting my hair;

 CLEARING away debris

 erasing all that’s wrong

 birthing the Light

 electrifying the night

 and setting a tingle

 and awaking Creation;


 I cry into the wind

 as my arms open embracing

 enveloping and welcoming

 your gentle, imploding warmth

 of new day.

A WORD from September 24th, 2013

And He said,

“I’ve seen your thoughts each day, wondering about your purpose and thinking your realm of responsibility is insignificant.  It’s larger than you know, and that realm is your kingdom.  I gave it to you.  But you didn’t grasp your daily responsibilities of Administering from your heavenly seat, your throne.

You saw that concept as a pretty, heavenly vision, but you didn’t comprehend the importance of your seat of Administration.  If you don’t administer your kingdom, then no one else will, and everyone inside your realm is subject to the small insidious deteriorations of life in this Earth without Heavenly overseer-ship.

Evil roams.  It doesn’t sleep.  It plants small holes of deterioration that can tear down and destroy.  New holes are planted every day.  Some are imperceptible to you except that I show you.

See!  Now you are beginning to grasp the importance of your seat.  It is one of Love.  You Administer from Love and through Love and are guided by Love.  But you must Administer.  Administer through me.   Love is me.  Love creates growth and changes every day.

Now I’m teaching you how to Administer from the seat I gave you. Sit on it every morning.  Sit inside me.  Sit and look around.  Survey the fabric of your kingdom in a new light each morning.

You cannot pray a prayer for your family, your friends, or your world once a week. Blessing them all by rote will not suffice.  Do not look at a list of prayer’s but rather ask me to see it all.  See the new growth and the new deteriorations.  See the weaknesses that will require daily work, but see them anew each day.  See the repairs and the beginnings.  Then build on them rather than rehashing yesterday’s repairs.  Don’t be lazy and rely on repetition.  It never heals or restores or loves.  And sometimes it creates a hole from its constant rubbing in the wrong place.

I’ve also been teaching you to rest.  My rest is contrary to everything you’ve been taught.  It involves joy and celebration.  It involves putting your feet up and basking in sweet music.   It resists the temptation to feel guilty for not being busy.  I’m not a busy God.   I’m extremely effective and I accomplish great feats.  You will too, as you rest.

Now rest on your seat of Administration over the kingdom I have given you.  Relax and enjoy the music and the beauty.  Smile and be full of Joy as you survey the contour of the fabric of its life.  Relish its beauty and wonder.  And notice where the hole pops up.

Ask Me to fine-tune your eyesight to see them before they create destruction.  Fix them instantly.  Don’t work over them by striving labor.  But rather hear my heart and respond to it.

Often my response is small and simple.  You will think the situation warranted much more involvement.  But Love’s eyes often heal without so much action, just a Word of Love.

This is your destiny.   This is your position in me.  This is your Inheritance.  Guard it.  Love it. Cherish it.  Keep it.  And I will give you more.

You say that you love Me.  And I know that is true because I placed it within you.

My eyes shine brightly as I watch you grow in stature and maturity.  You are walking in the path I created for you.  It is my path.  I lavished it in My Love.  Lavish those I have given you.

I kiss you my darling, my Bride.”

Big, Ugly Sack

I see that huge, bungling sack I’ve been dragging along behind me.  I noticed it right after that last battle.  The battle I fought to travel 3000 miles to see a dying friend.  It was a loud, bloody, angry battle of fear, but, thankfully, an Angel with armor and a spear came to fight for me.  His presence reminded me of the great importance of this journey and prompted me to choose a forward march rather than retreat in the face of fear.  However, even after that battle was over I was vaguely aware there was more to the skirmish than met the eye.  I might not understand all the meaning until later.  And so pieces of Wisdom keep floating to the surface of my life and becoming unwrapped before my eyes.  Now here’s this.

Now I see that thing laying there on the ground and I’m puzzled.  Why did I drag you behind me for so long and not see what I was doing?  I heard your voice saying “whew, your age must be kicking into gear big time because you sure seem tired a lot”.  And I wondered how that happened so suddenly.  I looked in the mirror and began to see it too.  Then asthma flared up.  Wow.  I haven’t had to deal with that anymore.  Or do I?  And now stomach distress.  Seems like an ulcer.  Sheesh, I haven’t had one of those since I was twenty-something.  These are stress related issues.  What’s going on here?  I sat down and seemed to sink deeper into the chair than normal.  And the blue sky didn’t seem so beautiful, it seemed tired too.

My friend had died.  She was worn out and tired and she decided it was time to go.  She wouldn’t try.  She refused to look away from her goal.  And I understood.  But it was the understanding that turned into an unforeseen temptation wrapped in a big, heavy sack filled with stuff like – old age, tired and worn out, not able to do what I used to do, your dreams have passed you by, and my Smile lay somewhere in the desert all alone where I left her.

In her place, I began dragging you!  A huge, bungling sack, the sack my friend was dragging.  And you killed her . . . by her choice.  She bought your snake oil whispers – “it’s inevitable, you’re getting old”.  She believed your chants – “you just don’t have the strength you used to have”.  She had fought lots of battles during her lifetime and during that last one you found her and convinced her to pick you up and drag you along like I’ve been doing.

Now here you are with me, still whispering, still chanting, still weighing a ton.  And I’ve been listening to you too.

Until now.  But, I see you now.  The moment of your exposure came purely accidentally in a conversation with another traveler about adventures and treasures of Wisdom won.  Then a momentary flash of Light, a glimmer of something familiar, and suddenly you were unveiled.  Humph.

In that moment, the exhilaration of falling shackles freed me to instantaneously recover my Smile.  She hadn’t been far away after all.   And in dropping your whispers that tied me to you, I discovered weightless Joy.  The sky is really truly gorgeous blue again.  And your big, ugly sack is the one being dumped in the desert.

I have unwrapped one more piece of the mystery.  My Smile is back on my face.  And this little treasure of Wisdom is getting stuffed into my pocket.  It’s quite significantly lighter than the sack.

I’m still knowing there are more pieces to unwrap, but today I’m satisfied with this one.