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THE CASTLE, part two

vineyard-986938_960_720Anna pushed again and again but the gate didn’t budge.  With hands on her hips, she stepped back and surveyed the massive iron monstrosity.

Inviting sounds and smells were still wafting plentifully through the barrier.  So she stepped forward and began digging through the thick vines in an effort to see inside.  But when she moved one vine, another blocked her view.  The heavy tangle won it’s victory when it drew blood.

Standing back once more in frustration, she covered her wound and stared at the stubborn contraption.  It wasn’t fair after taking such risk, that she would be kept from the final goal simply by not being able to open the gate. Continue reading THE CASTLE, part two

THE CASTLE, a story, part one

mountain cliffAnna’s feet ached with each step on the rough mountain path.  She had seen the top of the castle, white and beckoning, just before this curve. Finding a flat-topped boulder, she sat down, kicked off a shabby shoe, and rubbed her foot.

Oh why had she come here?  The castle hadn’t called to others.   No one else in the village had been plagued with compelling wonder.  They were content to sit in their small pomen’s and work their gardens year after year, and survive until old, and worn, and dead.

But from Cabon’s Point, just outside the village, the castle gleamed like a tiny gem in the distance, tempting her.  Old Jable, the cobbler, had said it was a bad omen, her being so curious, when the tales warned of such behavior.  No one who’d set out for the castle had ever come back to tell the story.  So when Oma Olga, the baker, drew back at Anna’s inquisitiveness, it was years before she allowed herself to even glance at her temptation again.  After all, Oma Olga knew everything about anything, including the secrets of Adjin and the Universe.  She knew why He created and where He went afterward.  If she was afraid, then everyone was afraid. Continue reading THE CASTLE, a story, part one