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DO WE really HELP anyone?

(The dream)

As my family and I traveled on vacation in our motorhome, a friend called and said he needed my help on a job.  It was nearby, so I agreed.

We arrived at the vacation home of Val Kilmer, his wife and many kids ( btw, I have no idea if Val Kilmer has a wife and many kids – lol!).  I was a bit in awe of the celebrity and quite nervous about my job which seemed to have no real description other than “helping them”.  They had just arrived and wanted to get settled into their home for a week or two but it was a mess from their last visit at Christmas time.  No one had cleaned up afterward.  There was cake sitting on the kitchen counter that was now like cement, and there were medicines on a shelf from someone’s old cold.  Clothing and shoes were strewn on the floors and furniture. Continue reading DO WE really HELP anyone?


I'm climbing


I’m climbing and it matters little what others might call me. As I claw at the dirt and rocks, I’m learning the best places to grab a handhold or position my foot.  Sometimes I clamber quickly and cause rolling scrabble and then I turn to watch it after I reach a plateau. Continue reading CALL ME WHATEVER, I’M CLIMBING!