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Whose voice is speaking?  That’s the primary concern of believers wanting to hear God.  How can we know who is speaking?

When I began hearing Him, I asked Father God to prove Himself to me.  Not because I’m rebellious.  Nor am I a jerk.  But rather because it was His suggestion.  And as a result, over the course of several weeks, all doubt was erased from my mind.

He reminded me that we spend this same sort of time weighing and learning about any new friend.  We have conversations for days, weeks and months before we open ourselves up completely to someone new.  Friendships seldom have free reign in one day or one conversation.

That’s not to say, Father can’t do that.  He certainly can do anything.  But often the journey to hear His voice clearly and without doubt, is a rather long one. Continue reading WHOSE VOICE IS IT? GOOD OR EVIL


Curiosity into the fog


I was taught that Curiosity was a bad thing and that I should never play with it.  The teaching was backed up by plenty of scripture, but I sure couldn’t find anything to support it now.

This morning the snow falling on the cliffs in the distance curiously looked like fog as I drank my coffee and watched through the window.  I had woken with the question, “Father, why did the Pharisees chose to be Pharisees”? Continue reading IS CURIOSITY GOOD?



sound waves 3

“Go pick up the cup,” He said.

Was I literally hearing the voice of God? This voice was completely audible.

Now, I’m not saying this is the only way to hear God, but I was hoping to hear Him this way at least once.  The prophets of old had heard His voice and though I didn’t want to be presumptuous, I asked God if I could hear it, too. However, I wasn’t expecting the strange message I received.

It was a sunny and breezy day as we drove across western Kansas to Continue reading HOW I BEGAN HEARING GOD’S VOICE