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Jesus asked Peter “Who do they say that I am?”  And now Father was asking me, “Describe yourself to me.  Who are you?”  It was almost the same question.

Instantly, I remembered the visions of my gown, my crown, my accessories, and gifts.   But I still think of myself as an individual. And apparently, I see that individual loved and accessorized by Father God.  But not deserving of the same answer Peter had given Jesus.  “You are the Christ.”

The word Christ generally means anointed one, or chosen one. And of course, we often think of it as meaning ‘Messiah’. So, of course, I couldn’t envision myself as the Messiah. But I also don’t see myself as Anointed or Chosen.

Even though Jesus lives within me, I still struggle with Identity. My gown and my crown and accessories are unique and surprising. I’m still wrapping my mind around that appearance.

And now He wants to know how I see myself fully?   Continue reading WHO DO THEY SAY THAT I AM?


relax-1137240_960_720In a place of silence and peace, I can hear Father speaking to me and the conversation becomes very intimate.  That’s because He knows every thought I have, often better than I know myself.

Sometimes we humans have unacknowledged thoughts and reactions hidden in foggy imprints from the past.  These are impressions we never told anyone and barely noticed ourselves. Continue reading INTIMATE SECRETS


We spent the day with a Christmas angel.  I’ve never seen one before but I’ve heard of them appearing to people when they are lonely and sad.  I’ve heard of their marvelous acts of kindness and love.  But I’ve never experienced one myself, until this year.

It began a couple weeks ago, when our plans for Christmas Day crashed and burned, and we were going to be spending the day alone. Continue reading OUR CHRISTMAS ANGEL!



In my dream, I was a young man in my early twenties trying to visit my twin brother in a mental health facility. (I’ll call myself Joe and my brother Jim.)

The receptionist told me I couldn’t see Jim because it was time for him to eat his dinner and then take his evening medications. She said I’d be wasting my time trying to talk to him after he’d taken meds.

It seemed she was quite intent to keep me from seeing him, so I pretended to leave the building. Instead, I hid around the corner listening as she and the home’s director went into Jim’s room. I heard them hurriedly feeding and medicating my brother. I also heard Jim whimper and cry quietly. There was no response from the receptionist or the director, the ones who should care about his welfare and happiness. Continue reading SET MY BROTHER FREE!

Eyes that Percieve Darkness?

In the last few days I’ve noticed posts despondent about the darkness, and prayers begging Light to rise up and win. The feeling is that these writers have taken a huge uppercut to the jaw of their faith.  In asking Father to bring judgment to this issue, their battlefield then moved into the courtroom. While praying for Light to overcome the darkness, new avenues of freedom opened up for their opponent. None of this looked like victory and appeared to be a terrible defeat. Their hearts were broken and their faith was wounded but they continued down the same path. They see their prayers bounce off the ceiling bringing opposite results but still they hold on and pray even louder and longer.
Even though the answer to their prayers are happening right before their eyes, they don’t see it.  As they proclaim the death of darkness and the advance of the Kingdom – it comes, but they would only perceive it if they took the glass they are looking through and flip it 180 degrees.

Continue reading Eyes that Percieve Darkness?


I’m seeing a shift in this new era.  It’s a shift into a new level of maturity.  Instructions are coming from the Father of Lights into each of our spirits and it’s speaking of a new level in the Power of Love.

I see all the ages of Man as steps of maturity after our Fall.  We lost our Spirit connection and became reduced to mere flesh.  But through the processes of time and Father’s careful guidance from baby to toddler, to adolescent, we came into youth and finally adulthood.  At adulthood we reach new freedoms and new authorities, but we also reach greater responsibility. Continue reading SHIFT!!!


Father said to me, “My people are Passionate.” And along with His words came illumination. I saw Passion birthing ‘the fantastic’. I saw a dream turning into reality through Passion.  I saw Passion lifting a car off a pinned child.  I saw Passion speaking the Spirit of Life into large groups of people.  I saw it walking across the country to honor a loved one.  I saw it refusing to let a husband die when he hadn’t breathed in many minutes.  I saw it healing, blessing, building.  It was like pouring the oil of Love into a bowl and touching a spark to it.

I could tell that Father loves Passion.  He sees Himself in our Passion because it is His characteristic. It is through His Passion we were brought to life. Passion changes everything.  It rotates fact at a molecular level and changes the results. We don’t ‘create’ passion. It is born of love. It is love with flames on!  We feel it burning deep in our chest like liquid fire.  It is life at a crescendo. Continue reading LET PASSION FLY







There might be a simple explanation for why the 5 wise virgins wouldn’t share the oil.  Let me explain what I mean.

When Jesus talked to the woman at the well about a personal relationship with God, He said,  “Regardless of whether you are in Jerusalem or on this mountain, if you do not seek the Father, then you do not worship.” That was in John 4.

He talked about it being personal but He didn’t try to talk anyone into it.  He didn’t find people on the street to ask if they know God so He could explain it to them.  And I don’t recall that He pursued people at all. Continue reading SORRY, THE OIL ISN’T FOR SHARING!

PRUNING FRIENDSHIPS (taking out the trash)

resinHere’s a topic that rears its head and usually elicits an “ewww” from me.

Yep, it means cutting away the people who suck the life out of you.  I have a huge problem with this regardless of the fact that many ministries have large teachings on it designed to help you know when and whom you should perform this surgery upon and thereby rid your life of them.

My problem is that it doesn’t sound like Christ.  It doesn’t look like His Love and the spirit of it promotes self over others.  When I look at Jesus, I see His reaction to the worst people as quite different. Continue reading PRUNING FRIENDSHIPS (taking out the trash)

Healing With Liquid Gold

And He said,

“Let me elaborate.”  To which my heart sighed in relief because I couldn’t understand alone.

“When you realized there was a hole, so to speak, in your husband’s armor, you saw a small piece of damage which left an open door to sickness.  It was there because of a previous situation in his life; one from his childhood; one he doesn’t remember.  Ministries have risen and died over this problem and the search for its solution. Great amounts of money have been poured into these holes and the resolutions have often been minor, at best.  You have witnessed this and wondered at the millions of souls chasing healing for wounds that don’t heal simply.  And yet, the solution is rather simple.  Come let me show you.” Continue reading Healing With Liquid Gold