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Viewpoints: from a Police Officer

my visit with a police officer


I took the opportunity to visit with a cop for a while the other day.  His name and other details will be kept confidential, but his story should be heard.

He was gentle, and kind although his voice was subdued with sadness, or hopelessness.  I didn’t know which.  He dreamt of being a cop as a child, and that dream solidified as a young adult when he witnessed an officer help a young couple calmly through the angry emotions of an ending relationship.  The officer disarmed their need for retaliation, and planted a seed in the heart of the young man to help others in chaos, to be a peacemaker. Continue reading Viewpoints: from a Police Officer




Your Seat next to Jesus is the ultimate relaxation place no matter what is going on in life.  It’s also where you can ask Him questions and He’ll answer you.  He’ll teach you stuff like how to change things and get things accomplished in your kingdom.  It’s an amazing place if you know how to get there.

And getting there is just too simple.  No harder than staring out the window and daydreaming.  But because you might think that something simple can’t be real,  I challenge you to try it and test Him.  See if it is true.  Do it several times until He erases the doubt from your mind. Continue reading HOW TO SIT IN YOUR SEAT NEXT TO JESUS