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A few years ago, Father began introducing me to the limitations of our sight. It began with flashes into the heavenly realm.  And moved into full blown visions.

I discovered that I may have been seeing flashes all my life but had learned to shut them off, ignore them, and filter them out of my focus.  It’s a process similar to looking at a fly sitting on a window.  Our eyes will adjust to the fly and filter out the view outside the window.  It’s the same process with camera lenses.  We can blur the background so much that it almost completely disappears.

As we filter out input year after year, it becomes second nature.  We don’t realize we’re doing it anymore.  So, when our relationship with Father grows, and we want to see more of what He sees, we ask for that sight.  And then struggle to receive it.

However, apparently, it isn’t a receiving action we desire, but a re-training of a lifelong habit. Continue reading THE LIMITATIONS OF OUR SIGHT

Picking Diamonds in Heaven (vision)

October 2012
While listening to a ministry online and worshipping along, a vision enveloped me.  It caused the sound of the ministry to fade into the background as a different kind of adventure unfolded.

My body began growing taller as though I was stretching upward farther and farther.  And as I stretched, I looked down to see sand pouring from my belly onto my feet.  It created a base like that on a statue, heavy and firmly planted on earth.

Meanwhile, my body continued stretching upward until my head left the atmosphere.  It scared me and I yelled “Jesus!”  Immediately He was before me and as I stretched, I left the earth as my body disengaged from the pedestal the sand had just created.  I gasped at the vastness of space before me.  But before me hung diamonds the size of golf balls, attached to branches I supposed belonged to a larger tree.  They invited me to pick them.  So I reached out and grasped one.  It easily gave way and falling into my hand, I turned to Jesus and laughed nervously as though I’d done something wrong.  He smiled easily and indicated that I should continue.

Now with His approval, I picked one after another for several minutes until I wondered where I was putting them.  Glancing down, I watched my hands placing diamonds inside my belly and my chest.  My hands would disappear into my belly and deposit the diamonds one by one.

How long could I keep doing this?  And with that thought, I stopped. The skin on my hand was changing.  It appeared translucent and full of diamonds.  They were just under my skin all the way up my arm.  So, I stopped picking and investigated my chest, my arms and my hair.  I was completely full of diamonds and they were dripping out the ends of my fingers, dropping off my hair and the trail of my gown.

Laughing, I swung my arm through space and watched diamonds sling out wherever I moved.   With His arms spread wide, Jesus tossed back His head and laughed a hearty belly laugh, then flew off toward the galaxies.  I looked around and wondered what to do.   Taking off after Him, unwilling to be left alone, He slowed, turned, and grasped my hand.  Then we waltzed through the stars while exhilaration filled me.

dancing in the universe 2
Picking Diamonds

He twirled me and I flew into the emptiness, spinning.  After my spin slowed, I flew back toward Him but He indicated that I should look. Glancing back at the spot where I had been, I saw it.  A brand new, pink and orange baby galaxy had been born from the trail of diamonds flying off me.  Jesus laughed again at my surprise.  Oh, the Joy!

Then after pulling me to Himself and with the most captivating look of love, we were waltzing again, but slowly this time.  Holding me closely, staring into my eyes, He filled my heart with Himself.  I laid my cheek against His and closed my eyes as we slowly moved.  Beautiful music resonated faintly through the galaxies.   Centuries might have passed and it didn’t matter.  We had eternity.

Then after some eons, He pulled away from me and suddenly I was headed back to earth, feet first, being pulled by the pedestal.  In my desperation to hold on to this wonderment, I grasped at diamonds and the fabric of space around them.  I pulled as I plummeted to the earth and my pulling created a vortex a lot like a tornado, full of swirling diamonds.  It caused a hole in the atmosphere which I knew created my avenue of an endless supply of diamonds.

What would I do with all these diamonds, I chuckled.  And my immediate answer was to fling my arms about occasionally and spread them.  It was how I would help to bring heaven to earth because each one would grow.