silent and unquestioning


Today I was reminded how so many good church-goers have embraced silence. They label questioning seekers as troublemakers and find great comfort in the status quo. It’s called unity.

But that unity is a prison of hypocrisy where the mind and heart are silenced without free expression. And a smiling mask is worn to cover a dying soul.

Father never created a human heart that didn’t crave more. And it is only silenced through fear. The biggest one being Rejection.

No one ever wants to be rejected. It is the most painful thing we do to each other. And yet all the best churches teach how to properly and lovingly reject others as though it is a cooking class meant to make your meals better than you’ve ever known.

Rejection is a dark evil Jesus never used even when He hung on a cross dying.

And it’s hard to find the courage to defy Rejection and step out of the box where we can ask all the questions our mind can produce. It takes tremendous endurance when the doors of Judgment and Rejection begin slamming in our face.

THIS is where we take up our cross and follow HIM. THIS is the persecution that can commit murder.

But if you are a questioning seeker, you aren’t alone. There are many. They are often hiding from the status quo because they haven’t found their courage yet.

I didn’t find it until many years after I moved away from home. And even then it was slow progress.

One of the most awe-inspiring things about Jesus is getting a glimpse of the courage He had. It was nothing less than God-like. Oh, wait, He was God. 😁

Stepping out to rock the boat on the religious status quo is still one of the most frightening and dangerous things anyone can ever do. The resulting assault on your faith and your character is the greatest evil that human beings display.

It’s all about fear. And if we don’t find the courage to face fear and become free, we can find ourselves crucifying our own Messiah.


  1. fear…the worst controlling spirit i know…it ties you up, keeps you bound and give a false sense of never being free…BUT DADDY!!!! it will be a wonderful day when the body knows the truth about freedom from fear!!
    your post shook that thing in me once again….it’s time for fear to gooooooooooo…i’m raising the rent on him lol….he’s got to go!!! i can’t afford him any longer…i’m serving him his eviction notice…oh wait? didn’t he already get served? i have to keep reminding myself of that….you helped open my eyes that slowly started trying to close again…wooohoooo….freedom!!! i will not crucify Him again!! He did it and said, it’s finished…so i’m taking Him at His word!

  2. Amen!!! Just broke a box of silence with my Dad, bless his 87 yr old heart. Raised in religious spirit and yet was best example I had of unconditional love. It went different than I thought. He seemed relieved to hear truth and is ready to work on being free.
    Unity within diversity. That is what I keep hearing from Jesus. All you have to do is look at creation to see that. Thank you for this. Loving loud.

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