The Terrifying Colliding Planets

DREAM  (Sept 18, 2015)

4 planets were going to collide.  One was Earth, next was our Moon, and I don’t know the other two.  People around the world were aware that it was coming and everyone was full of terror.  I was afraid.  Everyone had given up hope and sank into overwhelming fear.

I ran around yelling about speaking to the planets, frustrated that no one would speak to the planets.  Even my family on FB were scattered by fear and no one would listen. I attempted to speak to planet-649863_640the planets myself, but my fear made my words ineffective.

I watched – we all watched – as these planets came into alignment.  We could see it with the naked eye as we all looked up watching.  Then the sky began to turn into a pinkish grey fog as they began colliding.


Asking Father for the interpretation was difficult because fear was still in my heart.  I can’t hear Him speak when fear is present.  As I recognized the fear was predominant, I went to my place of peace in Him and asked Him why I had dreamed of fear. He explained that not every dream is of His construction.  Some, like this one, was of my own construction.  Fear inside me had risen to the top of my consciousness.

As I pursue a path to realize the perfection of Him in me, fear still in residence will float to the surface.  If it’s been hiding deep inside, it won’t hide much longer.  Perfection is described as “perfect Love” and the enemy of perfection is fear.  Our enemy is not an outward evil entity.  Our enemy is within us.  It prevents our progression.

We stop in our tracks with fear – and it may come in one of 4 ways.  Fear can be disguised as “jealousy” (fear that someone else can grab the prize and leave me behind).  Or fear can be disguised as “illness” (fear that mortality is stronger than Life).  Or fear can be disguised as “low identity” (fear that I am not good enough to rise into perfection). Or fear can be disguised as “threat” (fear that I can’t control my surroundings). I don’t know that these are the primary 4 ways Fear demonstrates in everyone or if these have been the primary 4 ways Fear has demonstrated inside of me. That is for each of us to discover.

But I know the key to destroying Fear is exposure.  It doesn’t survive light.  So with courage we turn on the spotlight and let it burn away fear.  Just the same as we would with a child who is afraid of monsters under the bed or in the closet – shine the flashlight there until the fear evaporates and truth makes its home in the heart.


With this dream, I could have jumped to the conclusion that God was showing me the destruction of all life as we know it.  If I had concluded that this dream was prophetic to our physical planet Earth, then my reaction might have been to stomp my feet and scream to the world – to speak to the planets. This is what I was doing in the dream.  It could have turned into my goal.  I could have seen it as my mission – my commission.

But that is not what this dream was about.  It was not about announcing impending destruction of our physical world.  It was about understanding destruction, itself – the kind we see every day that comes from within us – the greatest enemy of all: Fear.  It was an allegorical dream –  demonstrating that Fear and Terror bring complete destruction.  No hope survives.  No life survives. Death has come.

This was a demonstration of the process that leads to death.  This is how it gains power.  But as we understand its ways, its path, we will understand how it will be swallowed up.  We will understand what swallows it and how to do it.

We learned that sin leads to death, therefore we tried to overcome sin. Then we understood that Jesus overcame sin but one sin remained – unbelief. Therefore if belief is faith, then unbelief is lack of faith, which is fear.  Fear is unbelief.


Fear is the enemy.  Death is the result.  Destroying Fear by exposure means death is swallowed up in Light.

Without Fear, I can see truth.  And the truth is that the planets revolve within me.  That is why they can revolve outside me.  I am the seat, the throne, the temple, the kingdom of God, the Light of the world – because He is in me and I am in Him.

Nothing has the power to destroy Light.

“Be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect” Matt 5:48

“We’ll step out of our mortal (imperfect) clothes and slide into immortal (perfect) bodies” I Cor 15:53

8 thoughts on “The Terrifying Colliding Planets”

  1. wow, what a dream! i’m amazed at how well you interpreted it (with the holy spirit of course)…i’m amazed at how you saw it was centered around fear! i’m totally blown away at how you could see what it really stood for. Bravo! you slapped fear right smack in the face!! that’s so cool!!!
    i deal with fear a lot (not proud of it) and have been struggling for years to be free from it, but haven’t gotten too far, sad to say 🙁
    but i am constantly running toward my freedom and hopefully soon will make it through!
    love your sharing as always, you know how to show us truth, and i love you for that!!
    and you’re right, He is in us and we are in Him…that’s what i keep reminding myself of every time fear gets in my face!
    keep ’em coming Faith! you’re a great teacher <3

  2. Resolution toward the removal of fear, dreams are the conversation concerning what may be your next overcoming and conquering. Thank you for good listening an patience skill. Active listening….:)

  3. Wow. Such a great message sharing this truth. I too have found that when I at not at peace I cannot so easily hear the Lord speaking. Your dream also brings to my mind that we must live from the place of God’s rest, not striving, for He will be exalted over the nations so why not in our circumstances and lives (see Psalm 46:10). We need not strive but seek Him and His Kingdom and righteousness and He will add all things we need (Matt. 6:33). This is such a needed message. Thank you for sharing it!

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