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Eyes that Percieve Darkness?

In the last few days I’ve noticed posts despondent about the darkness, and prayers begging Light to rise up and win. The feeling is that these writers have taken a huge uppercut to the jaw of their faith.  In asking Father to bring judgment to this issue, their battlefield then moved into the courtroom. While praying for Light to overcome the darkness, new avenues of freedom opened up for their opponent. None of this looked like victory and appeared to be a terrible defeat. Their hearts were broken and their faith was wounded but they continued down the same path. They see their prayers bounce off the ceiling bringing opposite results but still they hold on and pray even louder and longer.
Even though the answer to their prayers are happening right before their eyes, they don’t see it.  As they proclaim the death of darkness and the advance of the Kingdom – it comes, but they would only perceive it if they took the glass they are looking through and flip it 180 degrees.

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I’m seeing a shift in this new era.  It’s a shift into a new level of maturity.  Instructions are coming from the Father of Lights into each of our spirits and it’s speaking of a new level in the Power of Love.

I see all the ages of Man as steps of maturity after our Fall.  We lost our Spirit connection and became reduced to mere flesh.  But through the processes of time and Father’s careful guidance from baby to toddler, to adolescent, we came into youth and finally adulthood.  At adulthood we reach new freedoms and new authorities, but we also reach greater responsibility. Continue reading SHIFT!!!


Of my prophetic friends, I have a 50/50 chance of hearing such an announcement.  But honestly what I hear is the computer on the bridge of the starship Enterprise.

Can you hear it?  “Warning, Warning, Warning!” Yeah, ok, that’s a Trekkie thing.  Ha.  And I admit I absolutely loved that show along with all the movies and the sequel series. But I could continue to love it because I always knew the ‘warnings” meantwarning on the Enterprise complete destruction would somehow be overcome by the end of the hour through the genius of Captain Kirk, or Jean Luke Picard or Kathryn Janeway. Continue reading WARNING, WARNING, WARNING!!!


I'm climbing


I’m climbing and it matters little what others might call me. As I claw at the dirt and rocks, I’m learning the best places to grab a handhold or position my foot.  Sometimes I clamber quickly and cause rolling scrabble and then I turn to watch it after I reach a plateau. Continue reading CALL ME WHATEVER, I’M CLIMBING!


Someone I love said something cruel to me today and I didn’t respond.  I let them walk away and I didn’t run to a corner with a sob. I didn’t chase them down and confront them. Without emotion, I wondered if my heart was hard.  I wasn’t wounded and out of control.  But I also had no clue.  I said “Help me here, Jesus. Help me with this situation.”  He immediately gave me a message and a vision.

The message was “Ignore it.  Don’t give it attention.  Walk back into the relationship as though nothing ever happened, but see it this way.”  The vision was of a continued relationship in love without cruel, bad behavior.  The disappearance of bad behavior wasn’t the result of confrontation or discussion but because I didn’t believe in it.  It wasn’t Truth.  It wasn’t how Father created this person.  Therefore it was a LIE. So I called it a LIE and refused to accept it as part of them. Continue reading CRUEL, BAD BEHAVIOR

PRUNING FRIENDSHIPS (taking out the trash)

resinHere’s a topic that rears its head and usually elicits an “ewww” from me.

Yep, it means cutting away the people who suck the life out of you.  I have a huge problem with this regardless of the fact that many ministries have large teachings on it designed to help you know when and whom you should perform this surgery upon and thereby rid your life of them.

My problem is that it doesn’t sound like Christ.  It doesn’t look like His Love and the spirit of it promotes self over others.  When I look at Jesus, I see His reaction to the worst people as quite different. Continue reading PRUNING FRIENDSHIPS (taking out the trash)

The Comedy of My Learning

Lots of my friends are leaving Facebook and I’ve been reading their reasons.  One concern is about intellectual property rights and whether material we post on Facebook belongs to us or them. As a writer, that leaves enough question in the air to make me uncomfortable.  Yes, I write freely for everyone to read, but that shouldn’t make it someone else’s property. Continue reading The Comedy of My Learning


storm clouds

Storm clouds blew in with pounding rain and hail, and I spoke to them the way I heard Father speaking in my spirit. It was about loving the weather, healing it just like we do our bodies.  He said the earth itself is in need of healing from the rampant destructiveness of darkness.  But I didn’t understand until He widened my spirit sight to see Love as it was poured into the clouds just like a mother would love a child.

He said the weather has suffered under heavy and cruel curses. Many of those voices speak of global warming and the inevitable effects. And some are simply people not seeing the kind of weather they desire for their events. So they curse the clouds. Continue reading BEAUTIFUL STORM CLOUDS


finger on the buttons


We all have buttons we’d like to destroy because people keep pushing them. And the results are chaos and turmoil.

This happened to me recently and I recognized that I reacted the same way every time with one particular person.  The simple solution of walking away from her was not going to happen because I love her. She is family. And I want to understand what is between us.

So, I asked Jesus how to deal with this because I was beginning to fear her. I’ll call her Lisa. Lisa has a strong personality.  But Jesus told me not to go to her in this instance because the problem was not hers but mine.  The pain I felt was a button of guilt I had hidden deep inside myself years ago. I hadn’t handled life perfectly and therefore I’d caused pain to others, including Lisa. Continue reading DESTROYING BUTTONS


me at rest



When Father was teaching me to Rest, He actually told me to sit still for long periods and do nothing.  It was hard. I felt condemnation.  Lazy was a word that kept popping into my head.  It was even somewhat frightening. Which is weird. Silence is frightening. It’s hard to face it alone.  And the drive to do something all the time is insistent. I’m responsible for stuff and people. I can’t leave them unattended.

Apparently, I was taught thoroughly that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop”. And it was so ingrained that I didn’t know how to stop doing it easily.  Quickly I saw how my enemy was keeping me from being much of a threat simply by keeping me busy. And Father wanted to make Rest a foundation in my life.  Breaking off that busy constancy required sitting, staring it down, without a book in my hand, without a hobby before me, without the computer, and without a companion. Continue reading TEACHING ME TO REST